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Sonya Hamlin

Emmy Award-Winning Television Talk Show Host, Communication and Jury Expert, and Executive Coach.


  • How to Talk So People Listen
  • Connecting in Today's Workplace
  • Courtroom Communication


New York

Sonya Hamlin, president of Hamlin Communications, is a nationally recognized expert on many aspects of communication. As a communication and jury expert, and author of five books, she consults for Fortune 100 clients, works on complex trials, speaks nationwide, and appears on network television analyzing trials, political debates, and media communication issues. Sonya began as a dancer, choreographer, and musician with degrees from Julliard and New York University and went from chairing Radcliffe's Dance Department to a big Emmy Award winning career hosting her own daily TV talk show, The Sonya Hamlin Show, in Boston. She moved on to teaching communication at Harvard's Law School, Kennedy School of Government, and Graduate School of Education. She has also taught communication skills at Boston University's Medical School and the School of Public Communication, as well as at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the United Kingdom.

Sonya Hamlin's major focus is on business communication - both verbal and visual. She conducts seminars worldwide and consults privately with CEOs and senior executives in many corporations including American Express, Bayer Corp., Bristol Myers-Squibb, Citigroup, CIGNA, Dupont, Ernst & Young, IBM, Lehman Bros., Monsanto, MTV, Nickelodeon, Sony, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the United States Government. Her book, How to Talk So People Listen: The Real Key to Job Success, had nine printings and was published in seven foreign countries. Her book on business communications in the 21st century is How to Talk So People Listen: Connecting in Today's Workplace.

Hamlin is also a pioneer in the field of courtroom communication, having created that course at the Harvard Law School. She lectures worldwide and works on cases with law firms, consulting on juries and advocacy skills, preparing witnesses, developing strategies, and creating visual presentations of evidence. She teaches advocacy skills, both oral and visual, across the United States and abroad. She has an ongoing role as a jury and communications expert on network television, analyzing and commenting on such highly visible cases as the O.J. Simpson case from the jury’s point of view, the Oklahoma City bombing case, the Clinton impeachment trial, as well as the Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jackson cases. She has written two landmark books for lawyers, What Makes Juries Listen and What Makes Juries Listen Today.  

A two-time Emmy Award winner, her television career included hosting and co-producing her own daily television talk show, The Sonya Hamlin Show, as well as directing, writing, and producing television documentaries. In addition, she was one of the first cultural reporters on the news in the United States. Her many other awards and honors include a Sonya Hamlin Day declared by the Mayor of Boston and an honorary doctorate. She also won the Japan Prize for International Educational Television for her PBS series Meet the Arts, representing the United States. Hamlin is listed in Who’s Who In America, In American Business, and American Women and was elected to the International Women’s Forum.

Praise for Sonya Hamlin:

"I so enjoyed working with you at the ABA Litigation Section's Annual Meeting... Your program was described as 'The fireworks at the end of the 1812 Overture.' Many attendees had similar reactions."
-- Robert S. Bonney Jr. Esq., Lomurro, Davison, Eastman and Munoz

"I am so grateful that you recommended Sonya to us. She was a hit. Her sense of humour, sharp wit, deep understanding of the issues mesmerized the audience. I have never seen them so captivated."
-- Franςoise Jeanpierre, Director, Columbia University Medical Center

"... You have so much to teach the students but I am also intrigued at how you teach me every year and each year is different. I come away with new approaches and new tricks for having attended the seminar with you. "
-- Marianne N. Prout M.D. M.P.H., Prof. Epidemiology and Sociomedical Science, Boston University's Schools of Public Health and Medicine

"You were delightful, enlightening, informative...I heard repeatedly that you sparked up the entire weekend and that we should ask you to share your talents again...making us
think, react, laugh and consider many facets of the jobs we do as reporters."
-- Martha S. Reed, Former President, National Federation of Press Women Inc.

"You were great!!! You radiate such a high level of energy that you inspire those around you. I also never cease to be impressed by how perceptive you are and how well you are able to judge what influences people's thinking."
-Harvey L. Kaplan Esq., Shook, Hardy & Bacon

"I want to thank you for your excellent presentation. I have heard nothing but rave reviews, and ours is a tough audience. Your information, style, humor and (perhaps above all) professionalism, made the session a hit."
-- Richard Alpert Esq., Associate General Counsel, Major industrial firm

"Feedback from the students: they continue to talk about your charming personality and your slides. Your extensive knowledge and experience made such an important contribution to our class."
-- Terry Tottenham Esq. and Lana Varney Esq., University of Texas Law School

" ...Your presentation continues to elicit the ongoing praise of our people... they were most impressed...as indeed your flawless performance gave them every reason to be."
-- V.P. Advertising and Public Relations, Major National Insurance Company

"I had occasion to participate in a seminar for the Young President's Organization, where Sonya Hamlin led the group through an exercise in persuasive communications. Her skills are exceptional. And her message is a most timely one."
-- Member of Young President's Organization

"I have heard nothing but very positive and favorable comments about your presentation... your remarks were both thoughtful and stimulating and... the open discussion that followed was the result of the good job you did."
-- Sr. Vice President, The Prudential Insurance Co. of America