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Simon T. Bailey, CSP

Catalyst for Brilliance


  • Own The Moment - How to Shift Your Brilliance and Change the World
  • Customer Love - Realigning Heads, Hearts, and Hands to Deliver Results
  • Shift Your Brilliance - How to Lead, Engage, and Grow in the Next Decade
  • Shift Your Brilliance - Harness the Power of You, Inc.
  • Shift Your Brilliance – Leading Amidst Uncertainty
  • Brilliant Living – Own Your Future
  • How to Break the Sound Barriers in Education
  • Customer Experience – Increase Your Revenue with a Spirit of Excellence
  • Brand the Moment – Platinum Service with a Brilliant Touch
  • Stop Selling and Start Connecting



Simon T. Bailey is the CEO of Simon T. Bailey International, a premium education company specializing in creating learning and development content for individuals and organizations. Simon derives great joy by sharing and inspiring men and women with a simple transformational framework and the tools needed to create a purposeful life and a meaningful and profitable business.

Simon delivers tangible takeaways that are easy to implement and produce sustainable results. He connects with any audience – on many levels – with a relevant message that resonates beyond the stage. Simon serves as a guide and catalyst, challenging people to shift and create their future. With his wisdom and expertise, an Orlando-based healthcare system was able to be acquired and a division of a hospitality company was ranked No. 1 for customer service by Expedia.com.

Simon is one of America’s top 10 most-booked corporate and association speakers on Change, Leadership, and Customer Experience. He has worked with over 1,500 organizations and has impacted more than 2 million people through his presentations and seminars in 45 countries worldwide. As a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive adviser, and author, he addresses more than 100,000 people each year. Some of his clients include AT&T, IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft, and Toyota.

His popular Building Business Relationships course for LinkedIn (via Lynda.com) has been viewed by 20,000 professionals in 100 countries. His new course, How to Find a Sponsor, is receiving rave reviews. Simon is the top-selling author of seven books and creator of the Shift Your Brilliance System, a personal development program that takes individuals and organizations on a transformational journey to create a brilliant life and business. A percentage of the revenue from system sales benefits the U.S. Dream Academy, a nonprofit organization that positively impacts urban youth.

Prior to founding his company, Simon worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for 20 years and was sales director and new business development director for the world-renowned Disney Institute based at Walt Disney World Resort.®

Simon holds a Master’s degree from Faith Christian University and was inducted as an honorary member of the University of Central Florida Golden Key Honor Society. He is also a former member of the advisory council for Management and Executive Education at Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business, one of the top 25 best private graduate business schools in the United States.

He was named Man of the Year by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Central Florida and serves on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Dream Academy and the Orlando Health Foundation. Speaker magazine also selected him as one of the top 25 “hot speakers” shaping the profession.

When Simon is not working, he spends quality time with his two active teenagers, roots for the Buffalo Bills, and is an avid moviegoer.

Praise for Simon T. Bailey:

"Mr. Bailey talked at our conference yesterday. He was great, really inspired to aspire among the stars. ...He inspired me to go beyond my reach. Well spoken, funny, kept you moving throughout his talk."
- American Association of Diabetes Educators Attendee

"I feel Simon's presentation was superb!!!! He gave very valuable recommendations for doing your best on every task. I totally agree with his philosophy to push yourself above your limits. I truly enjoyed the way he explained how to make everything you do "shine." It's a good practice to always give more than what's asked."
- Internal Revenue Service Attendee

"Simon was amazing, by the way- everyone just loved him! He also got great reviews from the people who took the time to take the touch poll on site."
- Meeting Professional International - Southeast Conference Planner

"Simon's was one of the highest rated web conference programs to date! Very well received!"
- Southern Gas Association Networks Planner

"Simon was awesome! So far we received positive feedback about Simon. He was very engaging, full of positive energy and his content/presentation was very good and useful."
- Unilever Planner

"Simon, Thanks for your empowering and motivating speech that you gave at the University of Phoenix commencement in Charlotte today. I am currently a student with UOP in Chattanooga, TN pursuing my marketing degree. I wanted to come to a UOP graduation for motivation and boy did I get it!! My goal is to be a general manager for an NFL team. I recently had become discouraged and felt as if that goal was not attainable. I prayed for confirmation that the path I am heading down is where I needed to go. You sir confirmed it!!! My problem is "I" need to be the shifter!!! Again thanks and my God bless the work you are doing."
- University of Phoenix Attendee