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Rory Jones

Expert on Celiac Disease, Gluten-Related Conditions, Medical Writer, Professor of Narrative Medicine, Barnard College of Columbia University & Co-Author of Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic and Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype and How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom-Free Life


  • Is Gluten Really the Cause of Your Symptoms? Celiac Disease and Other Gluten-Related Disorders
  • The Three Faces of Gluten: Celiac Disease, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, ‘I Feel Better On A GF Diet’
  • Parenting Children and Teens on a Restricted Diet
  • Food and Lifestyle: Staying Healthy on a Restricted Diet
  • Gluten’s Effect on the Brain : Exploring the links between gluten and neuropsychiatric symptoms and disorders



Rory Jones is a medical writer, award-winning film producer, and professor of Narrative Medicine at Barnard College of Columbia University. She is the co-author, with Dr. Peter Green, of the definitive and groundbreaking books Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic (William Morrow) and Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype and How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom-Free Life (William Morrow). Celiac disease is one of the most common and under-diagnosed hereditary autoimmune diseases in the U.S. today, and it’s triggered by gluten, the main protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten damages the lining of the small intestine so that it is unable to properly absorb nutrients. Without essential nutrients, the entire body begins to suffer.

In their latest book on ‘all things’ gluten, Dr. Green and Jones reveal the real scientific story behind the current gluten-free craze, identifying what is true and what is just pseudoscience. Together they explore the misinformation, false claims, and widespread confusion over gluten. They examine the connections between the gut, brain, and what you ingest (not just gluten, but other food and drugs) to reveal what’s really going on in your body and your brain. They also bring to light the potential health issues of going gluten-free.

Gluten Exposed provides an in-depth examination of every symptom and condition associated with gluten, how gluten works in the body, what a gluten-free diet cures—and what it doesn’t—and which drugs, supplements, and foods can cause problems often blamed on gluten alone. It offers clear, welcome guidance and a practical road map that can help anyone achieve a healthier, symptom-free life.

Diagnosed with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (the skin manifestation of CD) in 1998, Jones has spent the past 12 years researching and writing about it. Jones speaks to support groups and conferences around the country on celiac disease, nutrition, the brain-gut links to gluten and living well with a chronic illness that require altering one’s lifestyle.

Currently, Jones resides in Connecticut.

Praise for Gluten Exposed:

“There’s a lot of confusion surrounding gluten—whether eliminating it can help you lose weight, clear brain fog, cure stomach issues and more. The brilliant and renowned Dr. Peter Green, and science writer Rory Jones, have cut through the confusion to provide evidence-based answers and advice you can trust. In Gluten Exposed, they sort through all the science to create a comprehensive guide on the subject. If you are considering going gluten-free, you should definitely read this book first.”
--Joy Bauer, MS, RDN, nutritionist for NBC's TODAY show, founder of Nourish Snacks and best-selling author of From Junk Food to Joy Food

Gluten Exposed will hopefully put the breaks on the worldwide epidemic of using a gluten-free diet for just about everything that “ails ya.” Peter Green and Rory Jones provide a masterful in-depth summary of the pitfalls and dangers of gluten-free diets in non-celiac individuals, and at the same time describe openings for more research where it may be helpful outside of celiac disease. Gluten Exposed reviews a totality of gluten and celiac-related science that will enrich health care professionals and the health-minded community.”
--Richard J. Deckelbaum, MD, FRCP(C), Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition and Director, Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University Medical Center

“[Gluten Exposed] is a model for how to communicate science to the public, an antidote to the breathless hype and simplistic headlines that too often dominate popular scientific discourse....The book offers expert, up-to-date summaries of the scientific consensus (or lack thereof) on gluten, grains, the gut, the microbiome, and theories about how these come together in healthy and unhealthy people.

Gluten Exposed provides detailed but easy-to-read explanations of the science behind celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and the relevance of gluten to a host of other conditions, from autism and “brain fog” to diabetes and fibromyalgia. Dr. Green’s deep clinical experience comes through on every page. The book provides sensible advice to all who are concerned about the impact of gluten on their bodies. Green and Jones aren’t shy about pointing out common myths and misconceptions about gluten, and letting the reader know what is merely speculation rather than fact. The chapter on autism is a case in point. If you’re curious about all the hype around gluten, read Gluten Exposed.”
--Paul Wang, M.D., Senior Vice President, Autism Speaks

“Written with keen intelligence and a kind heart, GLUTEN EXPOSED illuminates what is known and not known, what is believed and what is doubted, what is claimed and what is disputed. It’s an essential book for those seeking not only information but wisdom about a most important and misunderstood condition.”
--Jerome Groopman, M.D., Recanati Professor, Harvard Medical School, coauthor with Dr. Pamela Hartzband of Your Medical Mind: How to Decide What is Right for You

“Serious and comprehensive.”
--Publishers Weekly

“In Gluten Exposed, Dr. Peter Green, a leader in the care of patients with celiac disease, and science writer Rory Jones, explain the illness and how ordinary people can optimize their health. This is a very useful book and fully digestible!”
--Martin J. Blaser, MD, Director, NYU Human Microbiome Program, author of Missing Microbes

“The demonization of gluten has resulted in claims and counter-claims, profit-making by celebrities, pseudoscientists, and the food industry, and general confusion, even in the scientific community. Gluten Exposed provides simple and digestible understanding in this perplexing debate, helping those with an open mind to better understand the issues and make reasoned, personal decisions about their health. It will contribute significantly to community understanding of the issues around gluten and more.”
--Peter Gibson, M.D., Director of Gastroenterology at the Alfred Hospital and Monash University

“Dr. Peter Green is my gluten free medical go-to. I am constantly learning and benefiting from his passion and pursuit, and we all benefit from his commitment to research when it comes to celiac disease and autoimmune connections.”
--Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Bestselling author of The G-Free Diet and Deliciously G-Free and creator and founder of NoGii -- gluten-free solutions for the entire family

Praise for Celiac Disease:

“Best consumer health books of 2006”
–-Library Journal

“The book the celiac world has needed all along.”
–-Gluten Intolerance Group Newsletter

“An exceptionally complete yet easy to read guide to celiac disease and strategies for living with it successfully… Highly recommended.”

“Useful, in-depth information for sufferers… This book is important for consumer health libraries and consumer health collections in public libraries.”
–-Library Journal

“Easy to read…full of common sense and suggestions that go to the heart of celiac concerns.”
–-Gluten-Free Living