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Ron Pernick

Clean Energy Consultant and Pioneer


  • The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity
  • Clean-Tech Markets and Innovation
  • The Growth of Clean Energy
  • Clean-Tech/Clean-Energy Marketing



Ron Pernick is co-founder and principal of Clean Edge, Inc., a leading research firm that helps companies, investors, and policymakers understand and profit from clean technologies. He is the co-author of The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity.

Pernick is an accomplished market research, communications, and business development entrepreneur with more than two decades of high-tech experience. He has worked actively within three major technology waves: first, telecommunications, then the Internet, and now clean technology.

Pernick has spoken at numerous companies and conventions, including: the Robeco Clean Tech Forum, the Copper Trade Association 6th Annual Global Market Trends conference, The Clean-Tech Investor Summit, Clean-Tech Investing in the Northwest, SRI in the Rockies, and the Sierra Summit.

At Clean Edge Pernick has co-authored more than a dozen reports on emerging clean technologies and has worked with a range of clients including multinationals, start-ups, government agencies, and investors since the firm’s inception in 2000. He also oversees the company’s annual co-production of the Clean-Tech Investor Summit, a gathering of clean-tech investors and businesses, and the company’s NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Index, an index which tracks U.S.-listed clean-energy companies.

Prior to founding Clean Edge, Pernick ran his own environmental web consulting practice and helped build the brands of such Internet pioneers as Internet In A Box, Global Network Navigator (GNN), Preview Travel (which later merged with Travelocity), and Yahoo! Earlier, he worked in the U.S. and Japan, serving a range of telecom and consumer electronics companies, including EDS and Sharp.

Pernick has been an instructor at UC Berkeley Extension and New College's Green M.B.A. program and is currently adjunct faculty at Portland State University where he teaches a clean-tech entrepreneurship and innovation course as part of the M.B.A. program. He was named one of the 50 most influential men under the age of 42 in the October, 2006 issue of Details magazine.

Praise for Ron Pernick

“Ron Pernick gave a brilliant keynote speech at ACORE’s renewable Energy Finance Forum – West in September 2008 in Seattle. I dubbed it ‘the speech of the conference’ in my closing remarks at the end of the two–day conference in which all of the other speakers were top-tier executives and financiers. Ron gave a preview to his book and a recent study on the economic impact of a green revolution in the Northwest. It had excellent content and Ron’s delivery was outstanding.”

—Michael T. Eckhart, President, American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)

“Ron Pernick’s overview of the clean technology environment was the perfect backdrop for our day long discussion about how high technology is merging with clean and sustainable thinking within the corporation. His mind-opening keynote presentation was filled with numerous business examples and delivered with clarity and enthusiasm. He is a definite thought leader in a field where many people are clamoring for that title.”

— Bryce Yonker, Director of Membership, Software Association of Oregon (SAO)

“Ron Pernick was one of three key note speakers we engaged for our first ever technical conference, Innovation Takes Root, held in Las Vegas in September 2008. Ron’s talk provided our audience of more than 200 global attendees a solid view of clean tech – its opportunities and challenges – as well as a view on where the future of clean tech is heading. In a post-conference survey of attendees, Ron was given high marks about being spot-on regarding both content as well as entertaining delivery. More than 90% of the attendees found Ron to be a highly engaging speaker that connected well with his audience. Our colleagues here at NatureWorks would definitely recommend Ron as a key speaker.”

— Mary Rosenthal, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, NatureWorks LLC