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Richard Florida

Renowned Economist and Author of The Rise of the Creative Class


  • The Great Reset: How the Post-Crash Economy Will Reshape the Way We Live, Work, and Play
  • Understanding the Global Economic Crisis and Capturing the Opportunities
  • Creative Class Communities - City, Regional, and Global Economic Growth
  • Talent Wars: Talent Attraction and Retention of the ‘Best and Brightest’
  • Innovation, the Culture of Creativity, and Managing For IT
  • Managing Diversity
  • Creative Class Consumption: Marketing to the Creative Class
  • Real-Estate, the Importance of Location in a Spiky World, and Maximizing Your ROI in Place


Canada, Toronto

Richard Florida is one of the world's leading public intellectuals on economic competitiveness, demographic trends, and cultural and technological innovation. He is one of the most sought after speakers on global trends, economics, prosperity, competitiveness, and growth. Combining in-depth analysis, cutting-edge trends, compelling personal stories and a touch of humor, Florida presents his insights into how creativity and the Creative Class are revolutionizing the global economy. He is the author of the ground breaking The Rise of the Creative Class Class...and How It's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community, and Everyday Life and his latest book is The Great Reset: How the Post-Crash Economy Will Reshape the Way We Live, Work, and Play (Harper).

Named one of the 'Best and Brightest' by Esquire magazine, Florida's international best-selling book, The Rise of the Creative Class, received Washington Monthly's Political Book Award and was cited as a major breakthrough idea by the Harvard Business Review. His ideas have been featured in major ad campaigns for companies including BMW and Apple and are being used globally to change the way regions, nations, and companies compete.

Florida is founder of the Creative Class Group, an advisory services firm, charting new trends in business and community. He has been appointed to the Business Innovation Factory's Research Advisory Council and recently named European Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation. A regular correspondent with Atlantic Monthly, he has written articles for the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, the Boston Globe and Financial Times. Florida has also been featured on ABC's 20/20, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NPR, and several other major media outlets.

The Great Reset (Harper) frames the economic meltdown of 2008-2009 as an opportunity to "reset" rather than as a crisis. By doing so, he paints a fascinating picture of what our economy, society, and geography will look like - how we will work and live - in the future.

His previous book, Who's Your City? was a national best-seller, an international best-seller and Amazon Book of the Month. The Rise of the Creative Class, was recognized as the "Best Business Book of All Time" and was awarded by Harvard Business Review as a Breakthrough Idea. His following book, The Flight of the Creative Class (HarperBusiness), addressed the growing alarm over high-valued jobs leaving the US.

Florida is the Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and Professor of Business and Creativity at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He previously held a professorship at Carnegie Mellon University, a visiting professor at Harvard and MIT, and a visiting fellow of the Brookings Institution. Florida earned his Bachelor's degree from Rutgers College and his Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Praise for Richard Florida:

"...he's changed the framework for discussing social and economic inequality."
- Herbert Muschamp, New York Times, Year in Review

"...a pioneering cartographer of talent."
- Fast Company

"Florida draws a vivid picture of what it takes to make a great 21-century city."
- Denver Post

"Cuts to the core what mindsets and skills are necessary to professionally and socially make one's way in the 21st century..."
- O'Dyer's PR Daily

"The Conference Board of Canada calls them 'drivers of national prosperity'...economists such as Richard Florida have celebrated their vital role in fostering creativity, innovation, and trade."
- Andrew Coyne Macleans

"Richard Florida is one of the brightest men out there, as he is not only a best-selling author and professor, but is also the founder of Creative Class Group, a company that creates new trends in business and the community."
- Trendhunter magazine

"Your speech at Columbia College Chicago was insightful, though provoking and wonderful! We have received rave reviews and a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our students and guests."
- Diana Cazares, Director of Event Operations, Columbia College Chicago

"...the best-selling author's brief stop in Naples on Wednesday has left its mark. His words have inspired community and business leaders and left them thinking about how to achieve what he calls the three 'Ts' for economic growth: technology, talent, and tolerance."
- Laura Layden, Naples Daily News

"...the government will take the advice of economist Dr. Richard Florida whose studies noted the more-creative mega-regions are the more prosperous."
- Laurie Watt, Barrie Advance

"Richard Florida is one of the most famous authors (The Rise of the Creative Class) and speakers in the world for innovative thinking and progress - and profit."
- Editorial, Naples Daily News

"...Richard Florida, educator, researcher, global best-selling author, sought after speaker, and noted urban theorist...is among the foremost experts in economy building."
- Economic Development Council of Collier County, Marconews

"Richard Florida is a phenomenon... there is no academic quite like him..."
- Joe Berridge, The Globe and Mail

"Richard Florida is a one-man think tank and go-to guru for companies in need of a creative jolt."
- Brad Hatch, The Australian Financial Times

"Florida-social theorist, geographer, urban planner and guru of the globalization debate..."
- Larissa Dubecki, The Age

"Richard's presentation was fantastic..."
- Julian Armour, Director, Celebridee, The Canadian Tulip Festival

"...it was very impressive to see how the audience was fascinated by his energetic speech."
- Takae Suzuki, Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

"We have heard nothing but positive feedback about Richard's speech. He really inspired our audience!"
- Jenny Hart, Midtown Alliance, Atlanta

"...thanks to Richard for such a great event. Our guests have been just raving about Richard - we will definitely need to invite him back."
- Sharon Rudy, Spencer Stuart

Praise for The Flight of the Creative Class:

"How ironic is it that much of the rest of the world understands what made the United States great - and is busily outdoing America's own example of innovation, openness, and competitiveness."
- Washington Post Book World

"A compelling and seductive thesis."
- BusinessWeek

"Florida's previous book surmised that culturally liberal cities, despite high tax rates, had experienced the bulk of the 1990s economic boom, since creative young professionals prefer to live in tolerant, diverse environments... Dick Armey was known to say, 'never trust anyone from Austin or Boston.' If The Flight of the Creative Class is right, then global economic forces will exact a steep price from America for that kind of intolerance - and maybe they already have."
- The New Republic

"Richard Florida sounds a wake-up call for companies that thrive on the creativity of their employees, customers, and communities. The Flight of the Creative Class challenges everyone - business, community, and political leaders alike - to engage and support education, technology, R&D, and community building in an effort to create a better future."
- Jim Goodnight, founder and CEO of SAS, a leading business intelligence software company that is consistently ranked among America's best places to work

Praise for The Rise of the Creative Class:

"Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class... is an important book for those who feel passionately about the future of the urban center. In fact Florida virtually defines us...[H]e has outlined the identity of the contemporary city's core population. Just by daring to use the world class, he's changed the framework for discussing social and economic inequality."
- New York Times

"A powerful, insightful book that reveals the core of regional advantage in the knowledge economy. Never before have I seen anyone capture so succinctly the values and desires of the new 'creative class' and the essence of human capital and the creative ethos. This is a book you will read cover to cover and feel enlightened by every chapter."
- John Seely Brown, Former Director, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and co-author of The Social Life of Information

"The Rise of the Creative Class is an insightful portrait if the values and lifestyles that will drive the 21st century economy, its technologies, and social structures. To understand how scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other self-motivated, creative people are challenging the traditional structures of the 20th century society, read this book. It will convince you that success in the future is not about technology, government, management, or even power; it is all about people and their dynamic and emergent patterns of relationships."
- Lewis M. Branscomb, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"...A new perspective for understanding our culture... interesting, provocative, and smart."
- Boston Globe

"Prof. Florida's book is an intellectual tour de force, scholarly yet colorfully written, with interest to members of the creative class."
- Globe and Mail

"Public policy and regional development books are often considered best as a cure for insomnia, but Florida's work is challenging many of the verities of the field."
- Salon.com

"A vibrant and fast-paced romp... Florida's research and experiences over the past decade have given him the foundation on which to build a new view of business reality..."
- Information Week

"Could anything be more important to our economic (and political) future than trillions of dollars of unfunded Social Security obligations, an out-of-control deficit, and the emergent China challenge? Richard Florida's answer is a persuasive, resounding 'Yes.' Policy makers and independent professionals alike must quickly take Florida's argument aboard - and, just as quickly, act. 'If you read one non-fiction book this year' is as hackneyed as it comes - but in this instance fully merited."
- Tom Peters

"Richard Florida has provided extraordinary insight into one of the most poorly understood problems facing the international community today. The movement of human capital, particularly the most creative and talented, from nation to nation is critically important to understand why the future of some countries is assured and that of others doomed. A first-rate piece of work."
- Carl Schramm, President and CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

"Creativity has become the global gold standard for economic growth, and yet the United States seems intent on shooting itself not just in the foot, but in the brain. Richard Florida's new book should be required reading for elected officials, policy makers, educators, business leaders - and every citizen who's concerned about the future of this country."
- Alan M. Weber, Founding Editor, Fast Company magazine