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Miranda Esmonde-White

One of America’s Greatest Advocates & Educator of Healthy Aging and Specialist in Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention for High Performance Athletes


  • Anti-Aging—How to stop/slow down and reverse the aging process
  • Pain relief through movement
  • Sports—Performance enhancement and injury prevention for athletes
  • Poor posture—A worldwide health issue
  • Refuting the myth that stretching doesn’t work (using scientific research)
  • Breast Cancer post-surgery rehabilitation
  • The relationship between fitness and weight loss


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Miranda Esmonde-White is one of America’s greatest advocates and educators of healthy aging. Following her career as a professional ballerina, Miranda developed her own fitness technique, Essentrics®, and became the flexibility trainer to numerous professional and Olympic athletes. Her fitness TV show, Classical Stretch, has been airing on PBS and public television since 1999—helping people of all ages and fitness levels rebalance their bodies and keep their joints healthy and pain-free.

Esmonde-White’s New York Times bestselling book and award-winning pledge documentary, Aging Backwards, are revolutionizing the way we understand the role that fitness plays in slowing down the aging process while keeping our bodies young, attractive, strong and healthy. In Aging Backwards (HarperWave), Esmonde-White explains in detail how aging occurs as changes happen to our body at the cellular level and discusses what we can do to slow down and reverse cell atrophy. She offers readers tools on easy ways to keep our muscles, bones and full body—feeling and looking younger no matter what our age. She also explains why healthy muscles cells are essential for efficient calorie burning and weight control.

In her latest book and pledge documentary, Forever Painless, Miranda teaches us a new way to look at our body and provides simple exercises that real people have used to end chronic pain with movement. Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability in the United States. Science has proven that the human body is designed to be pain-free; it is not necessary to endure pain for months or years.  In fact, Miranda has spent decades helping professional athletes and Olympians overcome pain from injuries that were that potentially career-ending, as well as guiding MS patients and cancer survivors towards a pain-free life. In Forever Painless (HarperWave), Miranda explains the complex causes of chronic muscular skeletal pain such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia andjoint replacements—showing that pain-relief can only be achieved when the damage causing the pain is reversed. She explains that nearly all muscular skeletal pain is rooted in muscle imbalance from a combination of weak, overbuilt or atrophied muscles which end up damaging joints or leading to chronic muscle spasms. She shows that only by healing the damaged joints and muscles through regular gentle correct movement, can the pain be permanently reversed.

Esmonde-White is a popular speaker for a wide range of audiences including women and men’s athletic groups, medical and health conventions, corporations, universities and colleges for wellness and motivational programs. She can offer an incredible amount of information from her own personal experience as well as the work she has done with major clients in the athletic and medical fields. Additionally, audiences can benefit from the lessons of her perfected techniques and methods in the art of aging.

Based in Montreal, Miranda spends her time developing the technique, writing and training new instructors. She also travels extensively giving lectures and leading teacher training sessions.

Praise for Miranda Esmonde-White:

“Essentrics helped bring me back into the game after near retirement. My body was unable to function, injured and in constant pain. After the first session with Miranda I felt the pain disappearing. I really believe that this program has something in it for everyone; whether you’re looking to relieve pain, improve your sport or change your body, Essentrics is it.”
—Jonathon Power, former world squash champion

“I was in constant pain from arthritis and had difficulty moving…. After finding Miranda and beginning Essentrics, I became flexible and able to move freely without pain.”
—Kimberley Dahme, of the rock band Boston

“Miranda explores a large variety of physiological mechanisms that will help contribute to maintaining a youthful body as we inevitably enter into later stages of life. Her fundamental preaching is correct.”
—Claudio Cuello, MD, D.Sc., FRSC, OC, professor and former chair of the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department, McGill University

“Public TV stations and their viewers have responded enthusiastically to Miranda’s workouts for more than a decade; and from a personal standpoint I have experienced and enjoyed the anti-aging benefits of her program, too!”
—Chris Funkhouser, VP, American Public Television

“As a chiropractor, my job is physically demanding. I toss around people who are sometimes three times my body weight! I started doing Miranda’s workouts ten years ago, and now I recommend them to ALL of my patients, even for those with joint problems. It is safe, easy, convenient, and complete…the total package!”
—Dr. Beth Barnett, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Praise for Aging Backwards:

“In Aging Backwards, Miranda Esmonde-White shows readers how we age at a cellular level, and what we can do to slow down and reverse this process. Her pioneering exercise program can help anyone, at any level, maintain a youthful body as we inevitably enter into later stages of life.”
—Claudio Cuello, MD, Professor and former chair of Pharmacology, McGill University

Praise for Forever Painless:

"One of the most damaging consequences of chronic pain, whatever its origin, is the tendency to stop moving. The program offered in Forever Painless is a deceptively simple exercise technique that can gently interrupt and reverse the cycle of pain and physical deterioration. It leaves no stone unturned as every part of the body gets attention, and restores harmony as it brings the body back in tune with itself. We are fortunate to have this treasure, and it is up to each of us to make use of it.”
--Helene M. Langevin, MD, Professor in Residence of Medicine Harvard Medical School

"The key to being and remaining healthy is prevention. Miranda’s program offers everybody the chance to do just that. I appreciate its commonsense philosophy of smooth, full-body movements in a dynamic, non-stressful manner. I feel stronger from one session to the next one and, best of all, I don’t want to stop doing it!”
--Dominique Lévesque, MD, Montreal Children's Hospital