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Lisa Greer

Author, Donor, Board Member, & Philanthropic Strategist Helping to Save Giving


  • Increasing the Pie: Inspiring Donors, Building Authentic Relationships, and Making A Difference
  • DEI and Boards: Strategies for Long-Term Success
  • What the Future of Fundraising Looks Like –and Why it’s Necessary to Sound the Alarm Now
  • The Urgency and Importance of Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z
  • Ignore Tech at Your Peril: Why Technology is Negatively Impacting Your Organization’s Prospects for Success
  • The Importance of Understanding and Accessing Donor-Advised Funds



Lisa Zola Greer is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and convener. Earlier in her career Greer was a studio executive at NBC and Universal Studios, and she founded and led several companies, including a management consulting and strategic advisory firm specializing in digital media and entertainment businesses. Today, Greer focuses on how to change the way in which nonprofits view and relate to donors. The charitable sector is shifting dramatically, and Greer shows us how to “save giving” by providing a clear and ethical path to succeed in her book Philanthropy Revolution (HarperCollins).

In the first book on philanthropy written from a donor’s perspective, Greer lifts the lid on our charitable sector, weaving in her story along with the latest research and dozens of interviews with leaders in the field. Philanthropy Revolution is the handbook all fundraisers, nonprofits and donors should be using to create trusting, authentic partnerships that can be sustained long-term.

Greer shares the lessons of Philanthropy Revolution to all areas of fundraising through her dynamic and thought-provoking speaking engagements and consultations. With her keen insights and strategies for success, Greer will reinvigorate and inspire your organization to a stronger tomorrow all while building a more honest philanthropic culture.

Over the last decade, the Greer home in Beverly Hills has been home to nearly 200 charitable salons and events connecting nonprofits with donors and the community. Greer sits on the board of the New Israel Fund, and is an active member of the Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors. She has also served as Commissioner and Chair of the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission and Trustee of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, as well as board member of many organizations, including the L.A. District Attorney’s Crime Prevention Foundation, Make-a-Wish of Greater Los Angeles, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, and others.

Praise for Lisa Greer:

"Lisa’s help was invaluable. Stepping into the shoes (and mindset) of a donor is not something that came naturally to me when I started major gift fundraising. Having her perspective and guidance made a very real difference in helping our organization to understand the “other side” of philanthropy…through the most important lens - that of the philanthropist! Her perspective and guidance made a real difference for us on all levels.”
-- Beth Schuman, Executive Director, American Friends of Combatants for Peace

"With panache, wisdom, boldness, and humility, Lisa Greer has written THE book on philanthropy. She brings together a businesswoman's savvy, a philanthropist's passion, and a fundraiser's quest for best practices. Never one to shy away from difficult topics, Lisa Greer is willing to ruffle feathers in order to find a way for philanthropists to give more money and fund-raisers to raise more. A guide such as this has never been more needed!"
-- David N. Myers, Kahn Professor of Jewish History, UCLA, and President, New Israel Fund

Philanthropy Revolution is the perfect combination of heart and truth. Lisa forcefully weaves her own story as a donor into a broader story about the past—and the future—of philanthropy. And in doing so, Lisa reminds us along the way of a powerful lesson: to never forget the importance of authenticity, transparency, and trust.”
-- Karine-Jean Pierre, Author of Moving Forward and MSNBC political analyst

“I had the privilege of speaking with Lisa Greer in a wide-ranging discussion with topics including the genesis of writing Philanthropy Revolution, insightful questions about the non-profit I serve, myFace, and what it takes to forge authentic and mutually beneficial relationships. It isn't often that I am asked important questions about board composition, governance and engagement, which are indeed critical ingredients for successful nonprofits. Being fearless enough to ask the question and having the courage to answer honestly, in my view, is a straight line to uncovering meaningful opportunities.”
-- Stephanie Paul, Executive Director myFace