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Lindsay McGregor

New York Times Bestselling Author, Tech Founder and Data-Driven Culture Expert


  • Culture is a Company’s Most Valuable Asset—Yet Few Leaders Know How to Manage It
  • Beyond the Foosball Table: Why Happy Cultures Aren’t Necessarily High-Performing Ones
  • Women in Leadership: Why “Learning In” Alone Will Not Solve Your Diversity Issues
  • Beyond Purpose: How Nonprofits and School Systems Can Improve Their Culture and Performance
  • Money Can Enable or Destroy Performance, and Most of Today’s Performance Management and Compensation Systems Are Doing the Latter
  • Solving for Work-Life Balance is Attacking a Symptom, Not the Disease
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Lindsay McGregor is the co-author of New York Times bestselling book, Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation, as well as the CEO and co-founder of Vega Factor, a startup building technology to help organizations transform their cultures.

Too often, great cultures feel like magic. While most leaders believe culture is critical to success, few know how to build one, or sustain it over time. Primed to Perform (Harper Business) explains the counterintuitive science behind great cultures, building on over a century of academic thinking. It shares the simple, highly predictive new measurement tool—the Total Motivation (ToMo) Factor—that enables you to measure the strength of your culture, and track improvements over time. It explores the authors’ original research into how total motivation leads to higher performance in iconic companies, from Apple to Starbucks to Southwest Airlines. Most importantly, it teaches you to build great cultures, using a systematic and sustainable approach. Whether you’re a five-person team or a startup, a school, a nonprofit or a mega-institution, Primed to Perform shows you how.

McGregor received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard. Previously, she led projects at McKinsey & Company, working with large Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, universities and school systems.

In her spare time, McGregor loves investigating and sharing great stories. Currently, she resides in New York.


Praise for Lindsay McGregor:

"The real key to creating cultures that perform is creating a culture where employees are motivated. Knowing what motivates them and how to nurture that motivation is key to high performing teams. That is the basis of Lindsay McGregor's fabulous book Primed to Perform. Her speech at our Watermark event was one of the highlights of our speaker program this year. The crowd loved her insight and practical advice to Watermark's audience of corporate executives."
--Marlene M. Williamson, CEO, Watermark

"Lindsay did an excellent job of speaking to the group and her content was very compelling. One of our attendees even asked if she could be our Keynote Speaker at our 2016 Annual Leadership Conference. Based on feedback from the attendees, it was clear that Lindsay successfully inspired our leaders to modify certain negative behaviors while positively reinforcing actions that are favorably linked to superior outcomes."
--Adam Kaplan, SVP Business and Organizational Development, Senior Living

"In Primed to Perform, Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor have an important message that more managers need to hear and understand. Their system of understanding how teams work, and how they can be positively motivated, is thought provoking. We thoroughly enjoyed having them as part of the Talks at Google program."
--Kate Clugston, Team Member, Talks at Google

Praise for Primed to Perform:

"A fresh, ambitious look at the science and practice of motivation, with big implications for leaders to fuel high-performing, high-energy cultures. Primed to Perform is an excellent companion to Drive."
--Adam Grant, Wharton Professor and New York Times Bestselling Author of Give and Take

"A grand tour of the science of culture, filled with awe-inspiring experiments and surprising, real-life case studies. Smart, deeply researched, and incredibly practical, leaders will turn to this book again and again whether they’re building an organization from scratch or transforming an established company."
--Shawn Achor, Happiness Researcher and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Happiness Advantage

"Getting organizational culture right is as difficult as it is critical. Doshi and McGregor provide numerous real-world recommendations for how to do this. They bring to bear years of hands-on experience that will prove invaluable to leaders in all sectors-corporate, non-profit, and public."
--Joel Klein, CEO Amplify, Former Chancellor NYC Public Schools

"Primed to Perform doesn’t just provide tactics for motivating a few superstars; it offers a proven system for motivating an entire workforce. If you want to get your team off yesteryear’s career ladders and onto new learning curves--stretching, growing and contributing at their best--read this book."
--Liz Wiseman, President, The Wiseman Group, Bestselling Author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts

"A winning strategy requires a winning organizational culture to carry it forward. In Primed to Perform former McKinsey consultants Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor give us practical guidance and proven practices to effectively transform our organizations through the science of motivation and performance."
--Jeff DeGraff , The Dean of Innovation, Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Author of Leading Innovation

"This book is loaded with fascinating, thought-provoking and actionable advice that could transform a workplace from drudgery to real engagement. Take notes."
--Patrick Lencioni, President, The Table Group, Author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage