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Lauren Oliver

NYT and Internationally Bestselling Author of Before I Fall, the Delirium trilogy, Panic, and Rooms


  • The Neverland Principle
  • When Two Minds Are Better Than One: The Power of Collaboration
  • Failing Up: Why Failure is Critical To Success


New York
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Lauren Oliver is the author of the YA novel Before I Fall, the Delirium trilogy: Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem, which have been translated into more than thirty languages and are New York Times and international bestselling novels. She is also the author of two novels for middle-grade readers, The Spindlers and Liesl & Po, which was a 2012 E. B. White Read-Aloud Award nominee. Oliver’s most recent young adult novel, Panic, is a New York Times bestseller and has been optioned for film by Universal Studios.  Oliver is an excellent speaker for libraries, schools and universities, and literary groups.

Oliver’s debut adult novel, Rooms, is as elegantly constructed as it is brilliantly paced. Oliver delivers an imaginative ghost story that is equal parts sweet, sad, and spooky. This mesmerizing story is a tale of family, ghosts, secrets, and mystery, in which the lives of the living and the dead intersect in shocking, surprising, and moving ways.

Curiosity House (HarperCollins) is the sensational new middle grade series about four orphans with extraordinary abilities who live in a Museum of Oddities, Freaks, and Wonders, and who must solve a string of murders. Curiosity House: The Shrunken Head (HarperCollins), tells the story of orphans Philippa, Sam, and Thomas. They have grown up in Dumfrey’s Dime Museum of Freaks, Oddities, and Wonders for as long as they can remember. Philippa is a powerful mentalist, Sam is the world’s strongest boy, and Thomas can squeeze himself into a space no bigger than a breadbox. The children live happily with museum owner Mr. Dumfrey, alongside other misfits and freaks. But when a fourth child, Mackenzie (Max), a knife-thrower with deadly accuracy, joins the group, it sets off an unforgettable chain of events. When the museum’s most prized possession, an Amazonian shrunken head, is stolen, the four are determined to get it back. But their search leads them to a series of murders and an explosive secret about their pasts.

Oliver's speaking topics range from a wide variety of young adult, as well as literary fiction topics, and can be tailored to meet an organization's needs. In The Neverland Principle, Oliver explores the growing appeal of YA to adults, and what this means for literature, for adulthood, and for the publishing industry. This talk includes her experiences writing for YA, MG, and adult audiences; the thematic differences she perceive among them; and what this says about our current understanding and experience of adulthood.

Traditionally, our image of "genius" is the lone individual locked in a tower or an attic room, composing his or her masterpiece in private. In Oliver's talk, When Two Minds Are Better Than One: The Power of Collaboration, she explores the rejiggering of this creative model as embodied by her company, Paper Lantern Lit. She discusses why collaboration is key, and how dialogue encourages dynamism and creative innovation.

In her talk Failing Up: Why Failure is Critical To Success, Oliver explores the relationship of failure and fear, and the necessities of the experience of one to conquer the other. She talks about her personal relationship to failure and how failing early--and often--liberated her from typical fears and anxieties, and enabled her to pursue the career she really wanted.

Oliver is also able to provide writing workshops for schools.

A graduate of the University of Chicago and NYU's MFA program, Oliver is also the co-founder of the boutique literary development company Paper Lantern Lit.

Praise for Lauren Oliver:

"Lauren Oliver and her dad/co-author, H.C. Chester, kept over 400 students enthralled and anxious to delve into the new series Curiosity House. Several students completed the first book the weekend following the visit, and are going to be clamoring for the next in the series until the day it comes out! The interactive presentation allowed students to see the ways in which characters and situations can be brought to life, and Mr. Chester left more than a few wondering about the existence of fairies!"
— Mitzi Cross, Media Specialist, Griffin Elementary, Katy ISD, TX

"The kids LOVED their presentation. LOVED."
— Sandy Calderwood, Media Escort

"There are books out there that leave you with a smile. And there are books that FILL you with smiles and wonder and all of the FEELS because they are amazing in every possible way. CURIOSITY HOUSE: THE SHRUNKEN HEAD by Lauren Oliver and H.C. Chester is of the latter."
— YA Books Central

"...there's plenty of humor and many quirky details to delight young readers. Oliver keeps the ride exciting right up to the final scene. She dangles a delicious hook at the end, which is sure to send readers scurrying to book two."
— NY Journal of Books

"CURIOSITY HOUSE: THE SHRUNKEN HEAD is engaging, charming, and positively delight read. It is fun and funny. Its characters are quirky and adorable. The mystery is captivating and exciting. The setting is interesting and enchanting and imaginative. The illustrations are remarkable. The writing is fantastic. It's a story that readers of any age will enjoy."
— Fiktshun

"Lauren kept the audience engaged with her upbeat attitude and charm while H.C. Chester captivated the kids with the mysteries of his collection of amazing oddities. We were exceedingly fortunate to be able to have both of them visit the school."
— Bryan Young, Community Business Development Manager, The Woodlands

"We loved Lauren Oliver so much the first time we heard her, we had to invite her back for a second time in Charlotte! Whether speaking to an adult audience at a fundraising event or interacting with children and teens at a literary festival and in school visits, Lauren is witty, approachable, personable, and inspiring. From a crowd size of 20 to 850+, she instantly connected with her readers while also attracting new friends and fans. Lauren is a pro behind the scenes too – accommodating, kind and gracious to staff. We’d welcome her back to Charlotte anytime!"
— Karen Beach, Deputy Director, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation

"Lauren Oliver's presentation was fun, educational and energetic.  The kids were so excited and now her books do not stay on the shelf."
— Deanna Reilly, Library Media Specialist, Indian Hill Elementary School

Praise for Rooms:

"A chilling ghost story, and much, much more: Rooms is a magnificent gothic fugue on the themes of longing and buried secrets."
— #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Magicians, and Time critic, Lev Grossman

“Lauren Oliver's Rooms is a sensational novel that easily glides between the normal and the paranormal. At times humorous, at times heartbreaking, Rooms is always emotionally resonant and, despite the presence of ghosts, very, very real.”
— Ivy Pochoda, author of Visitation Street

“Lauren Oliver's smart and spidery novel, Rooms tells the story of a family and its ghosts, all of them sharing the same house. Rooms is mysterious and mournful and incantatory, so well done that it feels that the pages may actually ignite.”
— Emma Straub, author of The Vacationers

Praise for Panic:

"Oliver's novel is a wholly believable and compulsively readable tale of friendship, loyalty, survival, and courage."
— Booklist

“Oliver brings a high-concept, high-stakes conceit to Main Street USA, and the result is as uncomfortable as it is thrilling.”
— Publishers Weekly


Praise for the Delirium trilogy:

“Once again, Lauren Oliver masterfully creates new worlds and characters that leave the reader little choice but to be swept up and away. Oliver’s deeply emotional and incredibly well-honed prose commands the readers’ attention and captures their hearts. With a pulse-pounding tempo and unforeseen twists and turns, Lauren Oliver has opened the door on a fantastic new series; the second book can’t come soon enough.”
— The New York Journal of Books

“Brilliant! From the minute intricacies of the heroine’s love for running to the shades of gray which she begins to see as she realizes that all is not as it seems in her society, Oliver’s sophomore novel is a beautiful, rich story.”
— Romantic Times

“Oliver writes beautifully, skillfully creating memorable characters and a dystopian reality that is all the more shocking for being set in such a vividly described actual place.”
— The Buffalo News


Praise for Before I Fall:

“This story races forward, twisting in a new direction every few pages, its characters spinning my emotions from affection to frustration, anger to compassion. You’ll have no choice but to tear through this book!”
— Jay Asher, author of the New York Times bestseller Thirteen Reasons Why

Before I Fall is smart, complex, and heartbreakingly beautiful.  Lauren Oliver has written an extraordinary debut novel about what it means to live - and die."
— Carolyn Mackler, author of Tangled and The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, a Printz Honor book