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Larry Kramer

Superstar Digital Entrepreneur


  • C-SCAPE: Conquer the Forces Changing Business Today
  • Dramatic Changes in the Media Industry: It's Only the Beginning
  • The Future of Journalism: Good News, There is One
  • Managing Entrepreneurism in Established Companies
  • Why and How Every Company Must Become More Like a Media Business
  • A Gutenberg Moment: Why the New Storytelling Platform Will Change Everything
  • Understanding the New Relationship With Your Customers
  • The Toughest Buck I Ever Made: How MarketWatch Went from One Guy in a Cube to Being Sold to Dow Jones for $528 Million in 8 Years


District of Columbia, New York

In an era of enormous technological change and upheaval, superstar digital entrepreneur, venture capitalist, keynote speaker, and educator Larry Kramer offers invaluable wisdom to businesses trying to find their way in the C-Scape - the digital landscape where consumers are in control. The creator of one of the most successful early internet media companies, CBS MarketWatch - which he ran for a decade as CEO, took public, and sold to Dow Jones for $528 million - Kramer also served as the first president of CBS Digital Media. Most recently, he was named President and Publisher of USA Today and is working to effectively transition Gannett's flagship brand into the digital age. In his book, C-SCAPE: Conquer the Forces Changing Business Today (HarperBusiness), keynote speeches, and blog, cscape.wordpress.com, Kramer illuminates how, with commerce migrating increasingly to the internet, all businesses are becoming media businesses.

Not so long ago, the business world was easier to chart. The routes connecting customers, companies, products, and services were predictable, reliable, and understood. Today, that landscape has been upended, and in its place a "C-Scape," consisting of Kramer's trademark four C's, has emerged. It is a world where consumers, not producers and marketers, make the choices and where content, not distribution, is king. In this new landscape, curation becomes a primary currency of value and convergence continues to revolutionize every part of every business. In his keynote talks, Kramer leads audiences through this new, evolving world where the challenges are daunting, but the opportunities are huge.

Kramer learned early to survive and overcome the forces that are remaking the business landscape: the digital media revolution. Every aspect of every business is increasingly carried out through the media. From advertising and marketing to sales and customer service, from product design to manufacturing, everything that happens anywhere in business is ever more likely to happen on a screen or handheld device. Kramer's explanation of this new landscape is a revelation and his visionary advice is both crucial and urgent. No leader, whether at the helm of a small business or a conglomerate, will hear him speak without seeing the business world anew, and finding practical ways to put his four powerful precepts immediately to work.

Kramer began his career in the newsroom as the assistant managing editor of The Washington Post followed by the executive editor of the San Francisco Examiner. Today, he is an adjunct professor in media management at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He has been a senior adviser at Polaris Venture Partners, a venture-capital firm, and served as the first president of CBS Digital Media.

He divides his time between New York City, Washington, D.C., and Hilton Head, North Carolina.

Praise for Larry Kramer:

"No one else has Larry's experience and success across all media forms - new and old."
-- Tina Brown

"[Larry Kramer's] MarketWatch.com is not just my favorite business website, it's my personal homepage."
-- Warren Buffett

"As a one-time competitor to Larry Kramer, I want to pay him the highest compliment possible: he's the toughest and most ethical foe imaginable. His observations reflect a deep understanding of how the media works and what consumers want."
-- Jim Cramer

"Larry Kramer has his finger on the pulse of the media business like no other - he has superb insight on the collision between emerging and traditional media, and most important, superior instincts for where the industry is heading."
-- David Carey

"Print journalist, digital media entrepreneur, TV network executive, media consultant to publishers, director of several new and old media companies - who could be more qualified than Larry Kramer to lay out the landscape of the upcoming digital media world?"
-- Michael Wolff

"Few people are as well positioned as Larry Kramer to explore both the future of journalism and the new media business models that are shaping it. His success as a journalist and an entrepreneur, across media platforms, makes him the ideal commentator to tackle these critical issues."
-- Christie Hefner

"Larry Kramer is an icon of media entrepreneurship."
-- Dorian Benkoil