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Karrine Steffans

New York Times Bestselling Author


  • Violence as a Language: Why Victims and Aggressors Don’t “Just Leave”
  • The Art of Whore: A History of Sexually Autonomous Women and Their Threat on Male Ego Fragility
  • The Pertinence of the Black Female Experience: How/Why Women of Color Should Publish Experiences
  • Use Your Words: How Writing 20-minutes a Day for 4 Days Can Begin to Physically/Emotionally Heal
  • Fight Like a Girl: The Importance of Professional Competition Between Women
  • Feminism vs Misogyny in Hip Hop: How Staunch Feminism Can Overpower Misogynous Rule in Hip-Hop



Karrine Steffans is the New York Times bestselling author of seven titles: The Vixen Diaries, The Vixen Manual, Satisfaction, How to Make Love to a Martian, Décor and the Single Girl, Vindicated, and Confessions of a Video Vixen (Amistad).

Part tell-all, part cautionary tale, Confessions of a Video Vixen is an emotionally charged memoir from Steffans that goes beyond the glamour of celebrity to reveal the inner workings of the hip-hop dancer industry—from the physical and emotional abuse that's rampant in the industry, and which marked her own life—to the excessive use of drugs, sex and bling. By sharing her story, Steffans hopes to shed light on an otherwise romanticized industry and help young women avoid the same pitfalls she encountered.

Steffans serves as a keynote and motivational speaker to notable universities and private groups, touching on a wide array of topics including, but not limited to, gender, sex and sexuality, sexism and misogyny, shaming and judgement, domestic violence and the state of hip-hop music as it pertains to the systematic breaking down of the black female image and society as a whole. Steffans and her books have been featured on shows hosted by the likes of Paula Zahn, Donny Deutsch, Tyra Banks, Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo Rivera, Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, and the queen of daytime herself, Oprah Winfrey. Quite accidentally, she also contributed satirical editorial to HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

Currently, Steffans resides in Los Angeles California

Praise for Karrine Steffans:

“She challenges sexual hypocrisy and exposes the many ways society gives men a free pass for sexual exploration, while repudiating women for sexual agency."
--Dr. Walter Kimbrough, PhD., President, Dillard University

"[Karrine is] ... one of the most important figures in pop culture to discuss gender, sexuality, and race."
--Dr. Monica Miller, PhD., Professor of Religion, Director of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Lehigh University

"[Karrine is] .. . an erotic revolutionary who, almost singlehandedly, reshapes black sexual politics by inspiring fruitful discussion about female sexuality and mistreatment, and deconstructing gender double standards."
--Dr. Shayne Lee, PhD., Professor of Sociology at University of Houston

"With insight and courage, Karrine probes and defies the 'Culture of Shame' that surrounds women who dare to speak out against gendered violence, exploitation and sexual abuse."
--Dr. Karin Stanford, PhD., Associate Dean, College of Humanities at California State University, Northridge

"Her life experiences and how she has dealt with them not only inspire the students but also motivate them to make a difference."
--Dr. Thomas Landefeld, Professor of Biology and Pre-Health Advisor at California State University, Dominguez Hills