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Josh Levs

Journalist, Author & Leading Fatherhood Advocate


  • All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses — And How We Can Fix It Together
  • It’s Official: Paid Family Leave Benefits Businesses and the Economy
  • How the Drama Surrounding All My Kids’ Births (major surgery, emergency birth into my arms, and more) Made Me a Better Man and a Better Fighter
  • Breaking the System to Achieve the Impossible: How to Create What You Do
  • How to Work the Modern Major Media to Get Your Story Told
  • Communication 101: It’s a Whole New Game
  • Faith: How Keeping Kosher Makes Me Lead a Better Life



Josh Levs is a father of three, a CNN journalist, and author of All In (HarperOne).  When Levs was denied fair parental leave by his employer after his child was born, he fought back—and won. In the process, he became a leading advocate for modern families. In All In, he shows how fatherhood today is far different from previous generations and what it means for our individual lives, families, workplaces, and society.

Nowadays, stay-at-home dads are increasingly common, and growing numbers of men are working part-time or flextime schedules to spend more time with their children. Even the traditional breadwinner-dad is being transformed. Dads today are more emotionally and physically involved on the home front. They are “all in” and—like mothers—they are struggling with work-life balance and doing it all.

Journalist and “dad columnist” Levs explains that despite these unprecedented changes, our laws, corporate policies, and gender-based expectations in the workplace remain rigid. They are preventing both women and men from living out the equality we believe in—and hurting businesses in the process. Women have done a great job of speaking out about this, Levs—whose fight for parental leave made front page news across the country—argues. It’s now time for men to join in in a big way.

It is this combined knowledge base of personal experience, investigative reporting, and frank conversations with fathers that makes for a captivating speaker – whether it is to global organizations, leadership conferences, universities, or parents groups. His work and the importance of his fight can be relatable to so many audiences and is critical to the future of how we look at equality. An avid keynote and motivational speaker, Levs is able to tailor his message for a variety of crowds.

Prior to CNN, Levs was a reporter for NPR. His many prizes include six Peabody awards, two Edward R. Murrow awards, awards from DuPont-Columbia, the national Association of Black Journalists, and a designation as a Journalist of the Year from the Atlanta Press club. One award from a foundation allowed him to choose any college or university to receive a scholarship in his name, and he chose his alma mater, Yale University.

He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Praise for Josh Levs:

“Josh Levs blew us all away, and I have never seen anyone do a better job! EVER!!!!!"
-Robyn Spizman, Organizer, Global Purpose Summit

“Josh Levs is a dynamic, engaging speaker who is able to motivate his audience to challenge themselves to think critically of the world around them and act. He had a tremendous impact upon our 7-day leadership seminar, and our ambassadors continue to speak about his call to action.”
-Emily Limarzi, Organizer, HOBY World Leadership Congress

“Josh was an incredible moderator. He skillfully asked challenging questions to the presenters, forced the audience to consider different viewpoints and masterfully answered questions on difficult topics. I can’t wait to work with him again.”
-Dov Wilker, Director, AJC Atlanta

“This has got to be the most personal, engaging... pertinent TED talk I've heard.”
-One of many responses on YouTube to Josh Levs’ TEDx Talk, "Breaking the System to Achieve the Impossible."

"Josh brought the Global Purpose Summit to life with incredible energy and clarity. He led our panel of C-suite execs with strong questions, intelligent insights and true humanity.”
-Cathy Carlisi, Chief Creative Officer, BrightHouse

“Josh Levs’ presentation is one part TED, one part 60 Minutes and one part Sports Center. He is the ideal voice for audiences interested in changing themselves so that they may change the world.”
-Dr. Chris Howard, President, Hampden-Sydney College

"His message about the role of media in a complex, evolving world was timely, well informed, and profoundly human. Our students experienced the insights and passion of someone with a genuine reverence for the truth and for the potential of each member of his audience to change the world. I would like to have been able to share my very positive reaction with him in person after his presentation, but he was surrounded by students wanting to learn more."
-Carl A. Girelli, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean, Randolph College

"He was fabulous! A riveting storyteller with a powerful message that will empower men and women...The event was packed (standing room only) and it opened up great conversations that continued long after the event was over."
-Katrina Alcorn, General Electric

"What a joy it was to have Josh Levs as the keynote speaker! Josh's speech was engaging and informative, serving to not only inspire our audience...but also opening their eyes to an important issue in today's workplace culture. His style is relaxed but energized--your audience will be leaning forward in their seats as he speaks!"
--Angela Meradji-DeCaires, Publish15

Praise for All In:

All In is an inspired, positive and original approach to the ideal of loving being a father. Josh Levs has touched me. Not literally, but philosophically—as being proud to be a man in our society whose voice can be heard if we simply employ the contents of this wonderful read.”
-Bob Saget, Comedian, Actor, Director, and Author of Bestseller Dirty Daddy

“A new generation of fathers is joining legions of women in the fight for equality.  All In shows how men and women can unite to overcome the outdated policies and gender-based stigmas holding them back and to make big changes that help families, businesses, and the entire nation.”
- Maria Shriver, Mother of four, Award-winning Journalist & Producer, Six-time Bestselling Author

“Levs says it well: ‘the first months of life have a huge impact on the following years.’ We all benefit when families – moms and dads – get more quality time at home with their kids from the get-go. Let’s go all in to fix the policies that make it so.”
-Gabriel Stricker, Chief Communication Officer, Twitter

“A must read. All In crushes outdated yet powerful stereotypes and—with fresh voices, insightful research and a passionate call to action—offers a more expansive, more hopeful and ultimately more human vision of what it means to be a good man.”
-Brigid Schulte, Author of New York Times Bestseller Overwhelmed

“Dads matter! Josh Levs passionately makes the case that society has marginalized the role of fathers, and it’s time we pay attention to this unbalance. I hope All In leads to a serious national discussion.”
-Roland S. Martin, Host and Managing Editor of News One Now, TV One Cable Network

“Working fathers and mothers need the same things: paid leave, flexible work, child care, and access to services that allow them to be who they want to be at work, at home, and in the community. All In does a superb job of showing how we can make positive changes that benefit organizations, employees and their families, and our society.”
-Stewart D. Friedman, Founder of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project and Author of Leading the Life You Want

All In is at once a reality check and a passionate call to action. The changes we need in the workplace—from paid parental leave to additional flexibility and more—will not only be better for families, they’ll also be better for business. Josh Levs lays out a clear and compelling path for how dads can join with moms to make these changes happen.”
-Jen Dulski, President and COO, Change.org

“Josh Levs leaves virtually no stone unturned in cataloging the state of modern fatherhood, uncovering its game-changing impact on masculinity, relationships, media, marketing, and more. His insights and conclusions will serve as a roadmap to the coming decade of parenting and relationship research, family leave policies, and product marketing efforts.”
-John Pacini, Cofounder of XY Media and Dad 2.0 Summit

“One of the most important books written about fatherhood. Engaging and entertaining, All In should be read by fathers, mothers, CEOs, policy makers, and anyone who cares about improving American society.”
-Cynthia Calvert, President of Workforce 21C

All In represents the voice of any parent who feels boxed in by gender stereotypes, at home and at the office. Josh’s energetic style and exhaustive research—from hundreds of real parents navigating really challenging times—comprise an important treatise on how to reboot our obsolete instincts and policies toward working parents.”
-Doug French, Cofounder of XY Media and Dad 2.0 Summit