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Jim Gilmartin

Nationally Recognized Baby Boomer, Senior Marketing & Sales Expert, and Co-Author of Market Smart


  • Everything You Thought You Knew about Marketing to Baby Boomers and Seniors May Be Wrong: Shifting Marketing and Sales Paradigms
  • Using Brain Power to Drive Successful Sales: Consumer Behavior Selling and How to Increase Sales in Baby Boomer and Senior Customer Markets
  • Marketing and Sales to Baby Boomers and Senior Women: The Largest 'National' Economy on Earth



Jim Gilmartin is one of America's top experts on marketing and selling to baby boomers and senior customers. In 2009, Gilmartin co-authored Market Smart: The Best in Age and Lifestyle Specific Design (Harper Design), which reveals how to target kids, parents, tweens and teens, sports enthusiasts, Generations X & Y, foodies, and baby boomers by exploring all the elements of marketing design from print and multimedia advertisements to catch phrases, mascots, logos, product packaging, retail environments, and promotions. A frequent keynote speaker, presenter, and trainer, Gilmartin appears at at corporations, professional conferences, and sales organizations to share his strategies on how to increase sales and improve marketing to baby boomers and senior customers.

In 1991, Gilmartin established Coming of Age, Inc., a full service marketing and advertising firm based in Chicago that focuses on helping clients capture and keep baby boomers and senior customers. The firm's effective and efficient online marketing and advertising strategies, motivating communication platforms, and performance-based management options help to secure the interest of baby boomers and senior customers. Gilmartin's unique approach helps clients turn that interest into positive sales. Some of Gilmartin's clients include Humana, Inc., Transamerica Insurance, Alcatel/Lucent, AARP, Genworth Financial, and several senior living communities and retail companies.

Gilmartin received his bachelors degree and masters degree from the City University of New York and has conducted marketing and strategic planning seminars for the University of Chicago, Graham School of General Studies, and Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He is the co-founder of The Society (for Ageless Marketing), a national think-tank that meets twice a year to discuss the latest marketing and sales research and trends, and he also writes for EngageBoomers, a division of MediaPost Publications.

Praise for Jim Gilmartin:

"Jim Gilmartin is one of the nation's leading experts on marketing to the New Customer Majority - adults (Baby Boomer and senior customers) who now outnumber younger adults by over 130 million to 86 million. Jim's platform skills are exceptional as is his knowledge of human behavior. He knows that statistics don't buy. People buy. Jim understands people from the inside out and knows to connect the dots between them and your company. My experience with Jim is that he delivers great insights, not groundless opinions that depend on serendipity to be right."
-- David B. Wolfe, Consumer Behavior Expert and Author of Serving the Ageless Market, Ageless Marketing, Firms of Endearment and Brave New Worldview.

"Please accept my sincerest thanks for providing our members one of the best presentations in our four year history. You received the highest rating of all our speakers. After presenting your first program, the word spread among the attendees, and we couldn't accommodate all the attendees who wanted to attend the remainder of your sessions. I look forward to your participation as one of the platform speakers at our national Senior Market Forum in October in Washington, DC."
-- Greg Luque, President of Long Term Care Forum

"We were fortunate to have Jim Gilmartin speak at our annual meeting. We've been having our meetings for more than fifteen years and were absolutely blown away by Jim's presentation. The feedback we received from our members was nothing short of amazing. He kept the participants attention throughout the entire presentation engaging them on every major point. Jim Gilmartin is the best speaker we've had at our meetings. His knowledge of how to market to baby boomers and seniors and his ability to keep participants engaged is the best we've seen."
-- Tim Delany, CEO of Lancer Insurance

"I have had the absolute pleasure and delight in being a participating member of the audience on 4 different occasions when Jim Gilmartin "captured and maintained" the group he was addressing. Jim's style of speech, his timely topics and his thought provoking material all lend themselves to helping Jim become recognized as one of the most effective and engaging speakers in his field. Allowing Jim to demonstrate his varied talents for your company would be a decision you will not regret."
-- Peter S. Gelbwaks, Chairman of National LTC Network

"In just 30 minutes, Jim Gilmartin explained how the brain processes promotional images and messages in split seconds, why marketers have to rethink the way they reach generational audiences and even tossed in a few quick case studies. Jim's a catalyst for making changes that get results. His message is one every marketer needs to hear - now. Listen up or get left behind."
-- Barbara Rozgonyi, Founder of CoryWest Media

"You are by far the most informed, articulate individual I know on how to sell and market to baby boomers and seniors - our biggest customers. Your presentations to our international sales managers helped us to understand better the markets and your follow-up 'Train the Trainer' program for the Pacific region was the best I've seen."
-- Tom Sheets, General Manger, Sunterra Pacific, Sunterra Resorts International

"Jim Gilmartin is a master presenter. He weaves magic into his presentation on any topic. He captivates his audience from the first word to the last. Part of his presentation excellence is his interacting with the audience. He listens and responds in a manner that makes the audience feel he's talking only to them."
-- Connie S. March, President of Provena Senior Services