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Jason B. Rosenthal

Speaker, Advocate, and Author


  • Lessons of Resilience: Growing from Unexpected Events in Life
  • Finding Hope and Joy
  • The Journey Through Loss and Grief
  • What will you do with your blank page?
  • Love, Loss and Resilience - resilience, change and growth can come from challenging times


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Jason B. Rosenthal is the co-author (with his daughter Paris) of The New York Times #1 bestselling book, Dear Boy, (HarperCollins). He is a foundation Board Chair, public speaker and lawyer. Jason is also the subject of an essay written by his wife, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, called “You May Want to Marry My Husband.” That piece is heartbreaking, brutally honest, and funny. It is a creative play on a personal ad for Jason—in which a dying wife encourages her husband to go on and find happiness after her death. The column quickly went viral, reaching more than five million people worldwide.

Amy died of ovarian cancer just ten days after her article appeared in the Modern Love column of The New York Times. Her last act of love before her death was setting the stage for her husband’s life without her. Losing his partner of twenty-six years left Jason in significant pain and re-evaluating his life’s work. He now seeks to appreciate every day and live in the moment while trying to help others cope with loss. Jason speaks publicly all around the world on topics related to love, loss and resilience.

Jason’s first book, Dear Boy,, written in collaboration with his daughter Paris, debuted on The New York Times Bestseller list at #1. His response to Amy’s piece titled, “My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me” was published in the Modern Love Column in 2018. His forthcoming memoir of the same title will be published in April 2020.

My Wife Said You May Want To Mary Me (Harper) is an inspiring personal account of life, love, loss, and new beginnings in which Jason describes what came next: his commitment to respecting Amy’s wish, even as he struggled with her loss.

Surveying his life before, with, and after Amy, Jason ruminates on love, the pain of watching a loved one suffer, how he and their three children move forward with resilience, showing how change and growth can come from the most challenging times. Jason’s emotional journey offers insights on death and dying and the excruciating pain of losing a soulmate. As he reflects on Amy’s gift to him—a fresh start to fill his empty space with a new story—he shares important and inspiring lessons on resilience in the wake of tremendous loss.