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Hank Cardello

Food Executive Turned Anti-Obesity Advocate; Authority on Responsible Capitalism


  • Stuffed: An Insider's Look at Who's (Really) Making America Fat
  • The New Foodonomics: Why Healthier Customers = Healthier Profits
  • Fattening Your Profits by Slimming Down Your Customers
  • Using Health as a Strategy for Competitive Advantage
  • Avoid the Coming Food Regulation Tsunami
  • Rethinking Weapons of Mass Consumption (WMCs)
  • Profitable Ways to Make Our Children Healthier
  • What Consumers Can do to Win the War Against Obesity
  • How Bloated Government Makes Obese Consumers


North Carolina

"Stuffed highlights intelligent success stories."
-- Newsweek

"Thought provoking...will certainly get people talking and thinking."
-- Forbes

"Cardello's ideas may not win over food purists, but [they] derive from practical, real-world experiences."
-- Los Angeles Times

Hank Cardello is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, a renowned Washington, D.C., think tank, and currently serves as the Director of its Obesity Solutions Initiative. He is an author, guest columnist, and advisor on matters related to consumer wellness, solutions to obesity, and practical food policy.

For over three decades, Cardello was an executive at some of the world's largest food and beverage companies, including positions as President of Sunkist Soft Drinks, Inc., Vice President of Marketing for Canada Dry, Director of Marketing for Coca-Cola USA, and Brand Manager for Anheuser-Busch and General Mills. Most recently, Cardello has served as Chief Executive Officer for several nutritional food ingredient companies. In 2000, Cardello was identified as a "Top 10 Innovator" in the Nutritional Foods industry. He has advised or partnered with several major food, beverage, and nutrition corporations such as Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup, Hormel Foods, Kraft, Nestlé, Pillsbury, Quaker Oats, and Tropicana.

Cardello is the author of Stuffed: An Insider's Look at Who's (Really) Making America Fat (www.stuffednation.com) published by Ecco in 2009. Cardello offers in his book and in his presentations provocative viewpoints on how to solve the obesity crisis by engaging the food industry and demonstrating how corporations can enhance their profits by improving their customer's health.

Cardello's perspectives have been shared in numerous media, including U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, The New York Times, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Good Morning America, NBC and Fox News. He is a regular contributor to The Atlantic.

Cardello's undergraduate degree was awarded magna cum laude in materials science and metallurgy from Lehigh University, and he holds an MBA in marketing from the Wharton Graduate School, University of Pennsylvania.

Praise for Hank Cardello:

“Hank Cardello is a smart, captivating speaker. Having watched him deliver 6-8 talks to global food company leaders, he is a leader in meshing concerns of the global food and beverage world with the concerns and needs of the public health and research world. He is a thoughtful, energetic forceful speaker.”

—Barry Popkin, Distinguished Professor Global Nutrition; Director, UNC Interdisciplinary Obesity Center

“Mr. Cardello gave our audience energizing commentary on how the food industry can contribute to obesity reduction and prevention, and how advocates can encourage the industry to do so. His emphasis on all sectors – public health, government, community and industry – working together to combat obesity in the southern region of the United States was particularly thoughtful. Most encouraging for the participants, though, was Mr. Cardello’s suggestion that development of a ‘Southern Block’ of states would create a broad and influential body that can change governmental and organizational policies in the region. Mr. Cardello’s content was very beneficial to the audience and helped set the agenda for participants when they left the Southern Obesity Summit.”

—Liza M. Creel, MPH, program manager, Texas Health Institute

"I and the Library Committee cannot thank you enough for providing us with such a provocative and entertaining evening at our author event on March 31st. The feedback was just terrific. Some of the members told me that they can't wait for your next book to come out so we can get you back to the club. They thought the Cardello/Garr tag team fielding questions was the perfect touch. Thanks again for a superlative effort and best of luck with your book and the remainder of your tour engagements."

Edward G. Jones, Jr., Union League Club

"Hank Cardello was an engaging and prepared speaker. He offered a business perspective to the public health obesity epidemic. His presentation on Stuffed: An Insiders Look at who's Really Making America Fat, provided a very fresh view on the inter-workings of the food industry. I would welcome him to speak again to the Raleigh District Dietetic Association on the progress he has had on encouraging food industries on taking a more responsible role in the health and well-being of Americans."

Lindsay Hecht, MS, RD, Raleigh District Dietetic Association President

Praise for Stuffed:

“Hank Cardello paints a clear picture of the economic and market forces that have converged to feed the global epidemic of obesity. Stuffed makes a forceful and compelling argument that the right mix of regulation and voluntary restraint by the industry will be a topic of legitimate debate for years to come. There is no question that we must find a way to create a level playing field on which the food industry can promote and sell products that support rather than subvert the health of Americans.”

—Walter Willett, MD, PhD., author of Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating; chair of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard University

“Food companies would be more profitable and keep their customers longer if they adopted the ideas in Stuffed.”

—Tom Ryan, former chief concept officer of McDonald’s Corporation

“Hank Cardello offers insights into the obesity epidemic that no author or scholar has had. He illuminates how the food sector confuses and ultimately controls us, explains how pricing in supermarkets works, and details how restaurants and many other elements control our eating patterns.”

—Barry Popkin, PhD; director of the Interdisciplinary Obesity Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; author of The World Is Fat

“We can’t underestimate the role that healthy lifestyle choices make in reducing the incidence of any number of life-threatening diseases, breast cancer among them. Cardello’s book provides insights into our nutrition choices that, hopefully, will help us to make the right decisions about what we eat and avoid health problems down the road.”

—Hala Moddelmog , president and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

“A wake-up call to the food industry to take action, so that together we can make a difference in fighting obesity and heart disease, and protect our nation’s health. This should be required reading for food company insiders and anyone else who wants to better understand what goes on in the inner recesses of the food industry.”

—Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD; author of Healthy Eating for Babies and Toddlers and Harvest of Healing Foods

“One would think that enlightened self-interest would cause everyone in the food industry to help their customers live longer, healthier lives. Unfortunately this has not happened. Here Cardello makes the case for how and why the food industry, the government, and the media must change, so we don’t all eat ourselves to death.”

—Bob Goodale, former president of Harris Teeter Supermarkets

“From years of experience mentoring children at risk of neglect one-to-one, nationally and internationally, I know that Hank Cardello and Doug Garr have done a terrific service to advance the cause of healthy food and nutrition in the U.S., and indeed throughout the world. Childhood obesity is one of the most critical health concerns facing the youth of America and of the developing world. Stuffed urgently sounds the alarm to parents and educators, but more importantly, it shifts much of the responsibility to the food manufacturers and restaurant chains and offers real solutions to solve this increasingly important problem.”  

—Matilda Raffa Cuomo, former First Lady of New York State, founder and chair of Mentoring USA and Mentoring USA/ITALIA

“Former food-industry executive and current anti-obesity advocate Cardello calls on his erstwhile colleagues to become custodians of their customers’ well-being… the point zings home: The food industry knows how to sell; now it has to sell the right thing.”

Kirkus Reviews

“[Cardello] argues that the industries’ long-range interests are directly entwined with public health and that with their substantial economic power and over packaged goods, supermarket and restaurant industries could redirect consumption and wellness in novel ways... [he] does sketch out several solutions to get around obstacles like entrenched corporate and consumer thinking, and he himself co-hosted a 2007 summit between industry leaders and obesity researchers.”

Publishers Weekly

"An authoritative stance from an expert who knows his topic."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"This book is important...Cardello does not mince words."