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Eloisa James

Internationally Bestselling Novelist, Shakespeare Scholar, & Author of Paris Memoir


  • Paris in Love
  • Breaking Into Print – and Hitting the Bestseller Lists
  • Shakespeare in Love: From the Renaissance to the Romance
  • An Evening with Eloisa James


New York

Eloisa James is the internationally bestselling author of books as disparate as the memoir Paris in Love and the historical romance The Ugly Duchess—but she is also the Shakespeare scholar and professor Mary Bly, whose degrees stem from Harvard, Oxford, and Yale. With over 3.5 million books in print (including an academic study published by Oxford University Press), her books have been published in over 23 countries, from Thailand to Croatia.

“I have two identities,” Eloisa writes. “As Mary Bly, I’m a solid member of the intellectual class, a professor of Shakespeare at Fordham University. I wear prim red glasses and tweedy coats and wield my grade book like a weapon. But I’m also Eloisa James, a romance writer whose last 20 novels hit the bestseller list. As Eloisa, I’m nicer, and I wear prettier clothes. (Think pink and, on occasion, sequins.) Having a dual identity is far more than a wardrobe issue, though, because while Mary teaches canonical literature, Eloisa writes its opposite.”

Eloisa has engaged audiences worldwide with lectures animated by her humor and intelligence at venues that range from universities, to libraries, book festivals (she was the first romance writer invited to speak at the National Book Festival), Jane Austen societies, and charity functions. In 2009, for example, she gave a keynote address at the annual meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America—and then gave one to the Romance Writers of America a few months later. In 2010 she gave a plenary address to the German Shakespeare Association’s annual meeting, and 2012, she keynoted the Australian Romance Writers convention, followed by New Zealand’s counterpart.

In addition to her formidable professional credentials, Eloisa comes from a family of writers. She is the daughter of poet Robert Bly (winner of the American Book Award for Poetry) and short story author Carol Bly.   Her godfather was the poet James Wright, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his Collected Poems. Among those poems – and one of Wright's most beloved – is a poem written for his goddaughter, Mary Bly (aka Eloisa James). The text can be read on her website: http://www.eloisajames.com/mediakit/main.php

Eloisa lives in New York City with her family during the school year, and in Florence, Italy, during the summers. Her husband is a cavaliere, an Italian knight.

Praise for Seven Minutes in Heaven:

“Another bright, delightful read from a queen of historical romance.”
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“RITA Award-winner James (My American Duchess, 2016) woos readers with another irresistible liaison of lushly sensual romance and deliciously wicked wit, and her flair for crafting unforgettable, richly dimensional characters is the satisfying center of this scrumptious literary confection.”
— Booklist (starred review)

Praise for My American Duchess:

“Eloisa James is extraordinary.”
—Lisa Kleypas

“Nothing gets me to a bookstore faster than a new novel by Eloisa James!”
—Julia Quinn

“A gratifyingly lush, vibrant, and emotional romance.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“James deftly marries insightful character development with a smartly written plot and then wraps the resulting irresistible love story with an abundance of wit-infused dialogue . . . . This perfectly packaged historical romance will have both fans and readers new to James’ impeccably crafted books giddy with delight.”
— Booklist (starred review)

Praise for Four Nights with the Duke:

“another brilliantly executed historical romance that splendidly showcases her flair for faultless plotting and flawless character development. Much of the novel’s sparkling wit is associated with the heroine’s secret life as a best-selling romance novelist”
— Booklist (starred review)

“James proves that wit is sexy and romance is smart. Her latest Desperate Duchesses novel does it again with an unforgetable heroine, a masterful hero and a very wise little boy. This is a wonderful story filled with emotion. A real keeper.”
— RT Book Reviews (top pick)

Praise for Three Weeks With Lady X:

“Romance writing does not get much better than this.”
— People

“Eloisa James writes with a captivating blend of charm, style, and grace that never fails to leave the reader sighing and smiling and falling in love. Her style is exquisite, her prose pure magic. Nothing gets me to a bookstore faster than a new novel by Eloisa James.”
— Julia Quinn

“Eloisa James is extraordinary. With her sensuous and elegant style, inventive plotting and warm, human characters, she makes every book a treasure. A novel by Eloisa is a delicious treat that shouldn’t be missed. A wonderfully original voice in romance fiction!”
— New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas

“Clever plotting and equally clever dialog make Thorn and India’s story a page-turning winner.”
— New York Journal of Books

“Smart heroines, sensual heroes, witty repartee and a penchant for delicious romance have made James a fan favorite…Readers will be hooked from beginning to end.”
— RT Book Reviews (top pick)

“James’ seventh Desperate Duchesses historical (after A Duke of her Own) is her most enticing work to date, replete with sizzling romance and riveting characters….James’ wonderful cast and effortless plotting make this a delicious romance to be savored again and again.”
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Emotionally rewarding and elegantly written, with textured characters and a captivating plot, this is James at her best”
— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“her gift for creating complex, richly layered characters pays off with spectacular dividends in her latest scintillating and exquisitely written historical novel, a romantic tour de force.
— Booklist (starred review)

“Eloisa is also a brilliant writer [...] readers will be enthralled by Lady X and Thorn Dautry as soon as they meet these two willful, formidable characters.
— USA Today, Happily Ever After

“Sharp, smart protagonists, dazzling in everything but love, eventually sort things out in this witty, deliciously sexy charmer that reprises some favorite characters from James’s “Desperate Duchesses” series and leaves the door open for more tales of Villiers’s kids.”
— Library Journal (starred review)