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Ed Yong

New York Times Bestselling Author & Science Writer


  • Microbiome
  • Science, Health, Biology


District of Columbia, London

Ed Yong is an award-winning science writer who reports for The Atlantic and debut author of New York Times bestseller I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life (Ecco).

A groundbreaking, wondrously informative, and vastly entertaining examination of the most significant revolution in biology, I Contain Multitudes reveals a marvelous, radically reconceived picture of life on earth. Every animal, whether human, squid, or wasp, is home to millions of bacteria and other microbes. In this astonishing book, Yong takes us on a grand tour through our microbial partners, and introduces us to the scientists on the front lines of discovery. It will change both our view of nature and our sense of where we belong in it.

His blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science, is hosted by National Geographic, and his work has also appeared in the New Yorker, Wired, the New York Times, Nature, the BBC, New Scientist, Scientific American, the Guardian, the Times, Slate, and more. He has won numerous awards including the National Academies Keck 2010 Science Communication Award; and Best Science Blog at the Association of British Science Writer Awards 2014.

An accomplished speaker, his TED Talk has over 1 million views. Yong brings his vast scientific knowledge and wit to engage audiences with his thought provoking presentations and keynotes. He is a perfect speaker for academic settings, science organizations, and STEM themed events.

Currently, Yong splits his time between London and Washington, D.C.


Praise for I Contain Multitudes:

“Ed Yong is one of our finest young explainers of science-wicked smart, broadly informed, sly, savvy, so illuminating. And this is an encyclopedia of fascinations-a teeming intellectual ecosystem, a keen book on the intricacies of the microbiome and more.”
--David Quammen, author of Spillover

“I Contain Multitudes changes you the way all great science writing does. You become disoriented, looking at the world around you in a new way. With vivid tales and graceful explanations, Ed Yong reveals how the living things we see around us are wildly complex collectives.”
--Carl Zimmer, author of Parasite Rex

“Beyond fascinating. An amazing book. It’ll change the way you think about the world. It’ll change who you think you are.”
--Helen Macdonald, author of H Is for Hawk

“Ed Yong has written a riveting account of the microbes that make the world work. I Contain Multitudes will change the way you look at yourself—and just about everything else.”
--Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction

“This compelling and beautifully written book will change the way people look at the world around, and within, them. Certainly among the best books in an increasingly crowded field and written with a true passion for and understanding of the microbiome.”
--Rob Knight, author of Follow Your Gut and professor at University of California, San Diego

“Yong has captured the essence of this exciting field, expressing the enthusiasm and wonder that the scientific community feels when working with the microbiome.”
--Professor Jack Gilbert, University of Chicago

“A marvelous book! Ed Yong’s brilliant gift for storytelling and precise writing about science converge in I Contain Multitudes to make the invisible and tiny both visible and mighty. A unique, entertaining, and smart read.”
--Jeff VanderMeer, author of the Southern Reach Trilogy