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Daphne Miller

Nutrition Explorer, Integrative Physician, and Author of The Jungle Effect


  • The Jungle Effect: Healthiest Diets from Around the World, Why They Work and How to Bring Them Home
  • Anatomy of an Indigenous Diet: The Core Healing Components of Our Ancestral Diets and How We Can Incorporate Them Into Our Daily Lives
  • Modern Plagues, Ancient Cures: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer - What Can Our Ancestral Diets Teach Us About Preventing These Modern Chronic Diseases
  • The Cardiac Gourmet: Foods That Help Prevent Heart Disease
  • Soaring at 45: How to Stay Healthy and Vital and Avoid the Mid-Life Plunge



Daphne Miller, M.D. is the founder of one of the first integrative medical practices in San Francisco, which focuses on the whole person and incorporates a blend of conventional and alternative healing approaches. She has authored numerous articles and chapters both for the medical profession and for the general public. She was a regular contributor to WebMD.com and has been recognized for excellence as a clinician by numerous independent ranking organizations, including BestDoctors.com and the Lila Guide. Her first book, The Jungle Effect: A Doctor Discovers the Healthiest Diets from Around the World – Why They Work and How to Bring Them Home (William Morrow), is a nutrition adventure that reveals the healthiest diets around the globe.

Miller has been featured in a wide variety of magazines and websites including San Francisco Magazine, Alternative Medicine, Eating Well, 7X7, Salon.com, First for Women, Drweil.com, Gourmet.com, Self-Healing Magazine, and Women’s Health and Fitness. Her second book, Farmacology: What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us About Health and Healing (William Morrow), offers a groundbreaking look at sustainable agriculture, going beyond the simple concept of "food as medicine" and revealing the surprising ways that the ecology of our body and the ecology of our farms are intimately linked. Miller has also made television and radio appearances on several health shows including Oprah and Friends radio with Dr. Mehmet Oz. She is a nationally recognized speaker on nutrition and health and regularly gives talks and seminars both to medical and non-medical audiences. She was one of the keynote speakers at the 2007 San Francisco Integrative Medicine Forum, the 2008 University of Arizona International Nutrition Conference, and she was a guest lecturer at Japan’s prestigious training program at Chubu hospital.

Miller believes that her most valuable work as a physician occurs when she helps patients to discover and maintain an optimal diet and lifestyle. She is an Associate Professor at the University of California San Francisco where she teaches nutrition and integrative medicine. In addition to her clinical work, Miller has dedicated herself to studying, teaching and writing about the healing effects of traditional diets from around the world. Her love for indigenous food can be traced back to a childhood spent living in remote parts of the world with Peace Corps parents. Later, as a community health worker and then as a physician she took assignments in Asia, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. In each place she collected recipes and developed her interest in the health effects of local foods.

Miller is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians as well as several other local and national professional organizations and she maintains active privileges at her hospital.

A graduate of Brown University and Harvard Medical School, Miller did her medical residency at the University of California, San Francisco where she also completed a two-year NIH-funded research fellowship. Her formal nutrition training includes a two-year Bravewell Scholarship at Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine which is based at the University of Arizona.

An avid cook, Miller relaxes by inventing recipes in her kitchen and testing them on her husband and two kids in San Francisco.

Praise for Daphne Miller and The Jungle Effect:

“History shows that the human body is well adapted to an extraordinary range of different traditional diets. Alas, one of the very few diets to which we are NOT well adapted is the Western Diet most of us eat today. In this bracingly hopeful and eminently practical book, Daphne Miller shows us how we can bring the wisdom of traditional diets to our own plates, in the interest of both our health and our pleasure. The Jungle Effect is a fascinating, useful, and important book.”

– Michael Pollan, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food

“Miller’s work is consistently informative and educational…and Miller’s practical advice and recipes are all geared for the novice. Anyone unafraid of modifying their diet will find this anthropological diet guide useful.”

Publishers Weekly online

The Jungle Effect was such an enjoyable read that I almost forgot I was being fed a steady dose of valuable nutrition advice – advice that combines the wisdom of our ancestors with the latest nutrition research.”

– Bradley J. Willcox, M.D., co-author of the New York Times best-seller The Okinawa Program and Clinician-Scientist, Pacific Health Research Institute, University of Hawaii

“Dr. Daphne Miller presents us with a unique travelogue of healthy eating and in doing so demonstrates that there is much to be learned from the traditional eating practices of the world’s pre-modern cultures. In The Jungle Effect, she explores those special people and places on the globe where the diseases plaguing modern society have, by virtue of healthy eating, not appeared. If food preparation is one of the great cultural achievements, then healthy eating is both our birthright as well as our obligation.”

– Gail Altschuler, M.D., Medical Director, The Altschuler Clinic, A Center for Weight Loss & Wellness