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Carl Honoré

Expert on the Slow Movement and International Journalist


  • Slow Wins the Race
  • The Slow Fix
  • The Power of Slow
  • Slow Parenting


London, UK
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Carl Honoré is a bestselling author, broadcaster and leader of the global Slow Movement. His TED talk on the benefits of slowing down has been viewed 2.6 million times.

Described by the Wall Street Journal as “an in-demand spokesman on slowness,” Honoré travels the world to deliver powerful keynotes that put time and tempo in a whole new light. His message is simple but counterintuitive: To achieve peak performance in a fast world, you have to slow down. Honoré’s talks are dynamic, inspiring, informative and full of humour and his audiences range from business leaders, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to teachers, academics and medical practitioners.

Honoré's presentations include:

Slow Wins the Race: Honoré’s message is simple but counterintuitive: To triumph in a fast world, you have to slow down. In the modern workplace, faster is often better. But not always. Slowness has a role to play, too.In this keynote, Honoré shows how to find the right pace at work in order to: think, focus and innovate better; enhance leadership and collaboration; achieve peak performance; build empathy and stronger relationships; make the complex simple; win and retain customers and clients; use technology wisely; and solve problems better.

The Slow Fix: A quick fix is not always the wrong option. There are times when you have to channel MacGyver, reach for the duct tape and cobble together whatever solution works right now. But most problems we face today are too complex for instant remedies. By spending time with leading thinkers and innovators, Honoré has built a problem-solving recipe called the Slow Fix. In this keynote, he shows how to: learn from mistakes; build and wield expertise; lead, motivate and collaborate; make the complex simple; work out the root causes of a problem; build empathy; achieve peak performance; seek ideas from everywhere; embrace uncertainty; and think long-term.

The Power of Slow: When every moment is a race against the clock, everything suffers - your diet and health, your relationships and happiness, your ability to think, create and communicate. Slowing down at the right moments can bring more depth, pleasure and meaning to life. It can make you happier and healthier as well as more efficient, creative and productive. Using the SLOW gear can help you achieve peak performance in everything you do. In this talk, Honoré shows how to harness the power of SLOW to: think, focus, innovate better; achieve peak performance; boost your leadership skills; make the complex simple; build empathy and stronger relationships; use technology wisely; and boost health and happiness

Slow Parenting: Raising Children in a Fast World: Children need to strive and struggle and stretch themselves, but without turning childhood into a race to perfection. "Slow Parenting" means letting kids explore the world on their own terms, which is how they learn to think, invent and socialize; take pleasure from things; work out who they are rather than what we want them to be. In this event, Honoré shows how to: tame technology at home; carve out more together time; cope with school pressure; build resilience, creativity and a growth mindset; handle peer pressure (children and parents); and turn the family home into a place of calm and connection

Honoré’s first book, In Praise of Slow, chronicles the global trend toward putting on the brakes in everything from work to food to parenting. Under Pressure explores how to raise children in a fast world and was hailed by Time as a “gospel of the Slow Parenting movement.” Honoré’s latest book, The Slow Fix, shows how to tackle complex problems in every walk of life without falling for short-term quick fixes. Translated into more than 35 languages, his books have landed on bestseller lists in many countries.

Honoré featured in a series for BBC Radio 4 called The Slow Coach in which he helped frazzled, over-scheduled people slow down. He also presented a television show called Frantic Family Rescue on Australia’s ABC 1.

Honoré is an advisor to Jack Media, which makes messaging apps, and sits on the Board of Trustees of Hewitt School in New York City.

He lives in London with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he plays ‘slow’ sports like hockey and squash.

Praise for Carl Honoré:

“For me, this speaker was worth the PDC fee! We could easily relate to his topic and hopefully all take home and put into action his points - for our families and for our workplaces. He was polished, flexible and adaptable.Thoroughly enjoyed him and could have listened longer!!! I would listen again if we repeated him in the future.”
--Delegates at the annual conference of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (Montreal, Canada)

“Mr. Honoré spoke at the conference we annually host at the University of Cologne in Germany – the World Business Dialogue. His speech and participation in the panel discussion “Happiness in a modern world” vastly enriched and inspired us and the entire audience. We thank Mr. Honoré for contributing to our event in such a great way and would love to welcome him anytime at our events in the future!”
--Robert Bouschery
World Business Dialogue (Cologne, Germany)

“Mr. Honore’s witty presentation was intellectually stimulating, highly entertaining, and forced us all to look at how we think about the invisible force that rules our lives: time. Encompassing world history, sociological observation, and a journalist’s eye for accurate detail, his talk was the unquestioned highlight of our conference this year.”
--Russell Willis Taylor,  National Arts Strategies (New York City)

“Carl Honoré was the principal keynote speaker at the World Leisure Congress in Chuncheon, South Korea. His contribution to several hundred practitioners, academics and politicians drawn from the fields of tourism, recreation, sport and the arts was outstanding. With engaging humour and a range of apposite anecdotes on human foibles and behaviour, recognised so easily by an international audience, he compared and contrasted the external pressures on individuals to react and succeed with a more relaxed lifestyle choice. In contributing to the plenary session, leading a separate workshop and mixing freely with the delegates, Carl was accessible and responsive to debate and discussion during the Congress, especially engaging the many young delegates with warmth and encouragement. One mark of the success of a keynote speaker is reference back to the original speech at various points in the Congress; on this criterion alone Carl’s presentation could only be judged an overwhelming and memorable success.”
--Dr Derek Casey
World Leisure Organization (Chuncheon, South Korea)

“Carl put on an amazing show! The whole audience was energised by his insightful and fun presentation. He was fantastic! We got amazing comments! A huge huge thanks!”
--Beatrice Imbert-Forgeot, Zenith Optimedia, Richemont Group Event

“An amazing public speaker that engages the audience from the first to the last minute. He shares his wisdom….and the best part…he doesn’t peddle anything (but you go and buy the book after haha) and he is a pleasure to work with….no prima donna in sight!!!! Great job in Montreal at the CSSE conference!”
--Greg Swan, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

“Many thanks for a superb, insightful, dynamic, fun and fully inspiring presentation! Just had excellent feedback from all participants with no exception!”
--Gilles Legault, Senior Counsel, Global Legal Affairs, CN

“Carl’s presentation was a hit, delivering a fresh perspective to our latest conference that tackled speed in business.  Carl’s insights and passion managed to inspire so many C-level executives that going slower at times pays more and as a result it helps us improve and possibly find ways of doing things smarter and faster. I highly recommend Carl as he is a very good public speaker and able to adapt his ‘Slow Movement’ to so many different contexts.”
--Morgan Parnis
Business Leaders Malta

“Getting city lawyers to slow down is impossible surely? Carl was faced with this task at our latest Life With Law event, and succeeded in every way. Carl captured the whole room’s attention with his thoughts on The Slow Movement. His talk resonated with everyone in slightly different ways, but we all left wanting to find our inner tortoise.”
--Amy Greenham, Lawyers on Demand

“Carl recently addressed a group of parents at Blundell’s School. He is an immensely engaging speaker and his message resonated strongly with our community. The ‘Slow’ concept is simple and accessible but the practical challenges are considerable – but Carl’s talk really did leave people feeling like the challenge wasn’t an insurmountable one and that it was well worth the effort, individually and corporately. He provoked much meaningful discussion and debate and at times evoked a strong emotional response. Carl is clearly an experienced and clever speaker and he quickly found traction with his audience through his humorous and self-effacing stories. The only question we have left is when we might be able to get him back again!”
--Bart Wielenga, Headmaster, Blundell’s School (Devon, England)

“Carl’s talk was exactly what we needed to hear. His blend of personal humor and fact-filled research on trends in parenting was helpful in reinforcing our school’s message about the need for free play and healthy rhythms for children.  Parents feel pressure to create these perfect little beings. Carl’s warmth made us all relax and enjoy his timely message.”
--Laura Johnson, Director of Development, Portland Waldorf School

"The excellent Carl Honoré closed the first edition of WELLNESS16 generating a great success and becoming the highest rated speaker! His fast talk about Slow hit the spot and provided excellent insight on how putting on the brakes could help us have more productive and more enjoyable lives."
--Tania Gonzalez, Senior Events Coordinator, Unwired

“How can we ever thank you for an informative and inspiring two days at Hewitt? I wish you could see my inbox right now (actually, you don’t want to see it, because it’s the opposite of slow). It’s full of thank you messages from parents thanking me and saying that they are going to buy your books and continue thinking and reading about slow parenting. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
--Tara Kinsey, Head of School, The Hewitt School (New York City, USA)

“Carl is a terrifically engaging public speaker who displays the enviable qualities of commitment, passion and preparation to his endeavours. He has an amazing ability to captivate his audience; boys, parents and staff were effusive in their praise of Carl. It also helps, of course, that he is a thoroughly decent bloke.”
--Jonny Timms, Deputy Head, Caldicott School (Buckinghamshire, UK)

“Our children need more opportunities to play, be physically active and participate in sport without pressure to please the significant others in their lives; this was the theme of our International Physical Literacy Conference. We contracted Carl to provide an opening and closing keynote while attending sessions from the conference. Carl’s opening keynote reminded us about the dangers of living life in the fast lane and identified the many losses we suffer from these fast choices. For his closing keynote, Carl infused his reflections and insights from the conference then capped it off with a few recipes to inject some “slow” into one’s life. It was a spectacular and passionate finish to our conference! Carl was totally engaged and engaging; he joined in many conversations across the conference and was always accessible for questions and comments. Carl’s delivery is personal and very welcoming. He tells very funny stories about his own “speedaholic” life but the stories are also filled with lessons to be learned. Our delegates were thrilled that Carl was with us for the entire conference! He was a perfect fit for our conference; his presence enhanced the outcome for all who attended!”
--Vicki Harber, International Physical Literacy Conference (Canada)

“Many children, and parents, are over-programmed and exhausted. Slow fixes are better able to deliver longer lasting ways of addressing some of the complex problems our children face today. Carl Honoré is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, giving parents the confidence to know that they have choices.”
--Kim Warrender, Head of Learning Support, Knightsbridge School (London)

“Carl is a very engaging and eloquent speaker. He mixes personal anecdotes with academic research and is clearly passionate about his subject. During his time at our school he stimulated debate and questions amongst a hall full of parents who wanted more long after the session had been scheduled to finish, thoughtfully and honestly answered questions posed by a small group of parents the following morning and completely engaged a group of Upper School students who were quite willing to miss their break to continue their discussion and debate with him.”
--Laura Hetherington, South Devon Steiner School (England)

Praise for In Praise for Slowness:

“This charmingly written exploration of the quiet life is so good, you have to resist the temptation to race through. A million times more inspiring than any of the mass of self-help books around on downshifting. A rare treat to be savoured — at your own pace, of course.”
--Sunday Express

“Thorough and highly persuasive, (In Praise of Slowness) is well on its way to cult status. It has been described as the No Logo of its age, but it’s far more compelling and intelligent than that, and a necessary addition to the reading list of marketing, HR and new product development departments. Read (it) slowly to allow inward digestion without dyspepsia.”
--Matthew Gwyther, editor Management Today

“In brisk, cleanly written chapters, Honoré traces his personal encounters with advocates of slow living. In Praise of Slowness shows us various methods to release ourselves from what Baudelaire denounced as ‘the horrible burden of time,’ to break free of the ‘Matrix’-like illusion that we have no choice.”
--Washington Post

“The author explores, in convincing and skillful prose, a quiet revolution known as ‘the slow movement,’ which is attempting to integrate the advances of the information age into a lifestyle that is marked by an ‘inner slowness’ that gives more depth to relationships with others and with oneself.”
 --Publishers Weekly

“(Honoré’s) book makes a persuasive case against mindless speed and offers an intriguing array of concrete suggestions about ways ‘to make the moment last.’”
 -- Los Angeles Times

“In Praise of Slowness is a friendly and intelligent guide for harried types looking to change gear at home, work or play.”

“This skillful blend of investigative reportage, history and reflection on time and our relationship to it makes In Praise of Slowness a book whose arrival couldn’t be, well, better timed.”
-- BookPage

“...a brilliant criticism of the culture of speed. Honoré is a proponent of the Slow movement, which encourages a deceleration of everything from cooking to business management, driving to talking styles-based on the belief that speed can produce disconnection from daily life.”
-- O, The Oprah Magazine

“It’s about time someone insisted – in intelligent, persuasive language – that we all put on the brakes, or at least check the instruments on the dashboard. Through anecdote, statistic and argument, Honoré wants to convert us to an atheism that is opposed to this culture’s mad theology of speed.”
--Billy Collins, former American Poet Laureate

“His advice is too grounded in day-to-day practicality to be guilty of didacticism or whimsy… read this uplifting and enlightening book very soon; but do, please, take your time.”
--Times Literary Supplement

“Engagingly written and filled with interesting detail, (this) book is a timely manifesto for a more civilized world.”
--Sunday Times (London)


Praise for Under Pressure:

“Honoré presents a list of ways in which parents all over the developed world have long been robbing their children of their childhoods by inserting themselves into every facet of their children’s lives. . . . Looking to experts, he goes on a fact-finding mission for instances of the rejection of “modern” parenting and fascinating child-rearing programs. . . . Joining a crowded field of child-rearing books, this is an excellent choice.”
--Library Journal

“A look at the mismanagement of the contemporary child: overprotected, overindulged, over-stimulated. An indispensable, anecdotal, comnmonsensical guide to why our kids are depressed, lazy and fat, and what we can do about it.”
--Globe and Mail, Canada

“Carl Honoré examines child-rearing attitudes and actions across the globe, sifting through motivations, behaviours and consequences of modern parenting methods, seeking a way forward to a new dawn when we can encourage our children to slow down, develop at their own pace and just act their age.”
--Daily Record (Scotland)

“Under Pressure is not a parenting manual, but, rather, an attempt to encourage parents to slow down, to understand how our best intentions are often misdirected and to allow children to be children.”
--Montreal Gazette

“An engaging and alarming exploration of children as vanity projects…We’ve done it for cattle and for chickens – it’s time for a generation of free-range kids.”
--Macleans (Canada)

“...an important new look at the evolution of child rearing among the global middle class. Honore’s final words to parents are comforting: Trust your instincts and let your children be children. There’s time enough for all that achievement later.”

Praise for The Slow Fix:

“Accessible, lucid and wise, this book should sit in every government and managerial office.”
--The Independent

“Honore has a winning style and an infectious curiosity about the minutiae of other people’s lives.”
--Wall Street Journal

“A practical and entertaining guide…a sound, thought-provoking book.”
-- Booklist