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Andrea Hutton

Author, Breast Cancer Survivor


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Andrea Hutton was enjoying a successful career as an interior designer when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 41. When she couldn’t find a no-nonsense book that would tell her what to expect and that would give her down to earth advice, she decided to write it herself to help others.

Bald Is Better with Earrings (HarperWave) is the book that Hutton tried to find when she was diagnosed: a plain and straightforward (surprisingly funny and uplifting) how-to for the many situations one may find herself in after being diagnosed with breast cancer. When Hutton was diagnosed, she wanted to know everything. She educated herself as much as possible, read every book, article, and internet site she could find, and talked to everyone she knew, but nothing would prepare her for the experiences of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. She wanted to know what everything would feel like, tricks to ease her pain and discomfort, a guide for the cancer girl she had become.

The book is a companion, meant to mitigate the feelings of anxiety and the unknown that its author once felt. It offers a clear path for the reader, from diagnosis to therapy, recovery and otherwise. In a conversational tone, Andrea explains what to expect: the tests, the chemo, shaving your head, being bald, the radiation, and the ensuing emotions, arranged in the order that these things happened during her own cancer journey. Among many useful pieces of advice, she offers tricks for surviving chemo, how to keep your skin from crisping during radiation, how to keep track of your meds, and how to tie a good headscarf. Each chapter concludes with a practical list of 5 tips for each stage of the process. Bald is Better with Earrings is the comprehensive, must-have guide for anyone who is dealing with breast cancer.

Now five years out and cancer-free, Hutton continues her interior design career and is a marketing and management consultant. With experience reaching various audiences, she is available to speak to women’s organizations and wellness groups. Hutton lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband and two children and when not writing, working or spending time with her family, you may find her walking the beaches in Santa Barbara collecting sea glass.

Praise for Bald Is Better with Earrings:

"Breast cancer survivor Hutton offers a wealth of insider knowledge on exactly what to expect,...[and] while there is no universal cancer experience, Hutton covers the most likely scenarios in detailed fasion with grace, empathy, and humor."
--Publishers Weekly

"Other titles have sought to personalize the cancer life for the newly diagnosed...but Hutton digs down to the nittiest and the grittiest….a lifesaver for breast cancer club members.”
--Library Journal