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Amy Wilson

TV Actress and Star of the One-Woman Show Mother Load


  • When Did I Get Like This? Bridging the Gap Between Your Noble Mothering Ambitions and Your Daily Reality
  • Don't Be Happy! Worry! How the Media Makes Mothers Crazy
  • Multitasking Mom: Why We're So Good at It, and Why We Should Stop
  • Mother, Writer: How to Make Room in Your Life for Both


New York

Amy Wilson is a contributing editor to Parenting magazine, and the author of When Did I Get Like This? The Screamer, The Worrier, The Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget Buyer, and Other Mothers I Swore I'd Never Be (William Morrow). She is also the creator of the one-woman show Mother Load, which has been touring the United States since its hit engagement off-Broadway in 2007.

Wilson brings audiences her critically acclaimed, hilarious take on modern motherhood in her When Did I Get Like This? talks. She shares her struggle to shrug off the ridiculous standards of modern parenting, and remember how to enjoy her children. As she says:

"Over the last seven years of long days with little children, I have had many moments of joy, calm, and peaceful reverie.

These talks are about the other moments.

Before I became a mother, failing at something did not shake my fundamental belief in my capabilities as a human being. But now that I am the mother of three children under the age of seven, I have one overriding daily thought: I suck at this.

What kind of mother feeds her kids dinosaur chicken nuggets? Three times a week? What kind of mother lets hand washing after using the toilet slide, as long as it was just Number One? And then I wonder: When did I get like this? Why do I doubt my parenting abilities, day after day? Why does motherhood, a job as old as Eve, have me teetering daily on the edge of sanity?

With each new stage of motherhood, I tell myself I will never again be suckered by the question, "Don't you want what's best for your children?" And yet, time after time, I am. Sometimes, I am right to obsess. Other times, the record will show, it has been distinctly counterproductive.

I'm working on it . . ."

After graduating from Yale University with a degree in English summa cum laude, Wilson began her career as an actress. She was a series regular on the sitcoms Norm (ABC) with Norm MacDonald, Daddio (NBC) with Michael Chiklis, and had a recurring role on Felicity. She appeared on Broadway as "Sunny Freitag" in the Tony Award-wining play The Last Night of Ballyhoo, and has appeared in dozens of other productions on-and-off Broadway. Other TV guest appearances include Ed, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Deadline, Boston Common, and All My Children. Her film credits include Kinsey, Kissing Jessica Stein, Keeping the Faith, and Ira and Abby.

Wilson worked as a sketch comedy writer and performer on Live on Tape. That group developed a sketch comedy show for NBC and shot six episodes in Saturday Night Live's studios. She has also written four one-woman shows (all in collaboration with director Julie Kramer); one of them, A Cookie Full of Arsenic, was featured at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and on CNN.

Wilson can also be found at www.motherloadtheblog.com where she blogs about life with her husband and three young children. Her writing has also appeared in Parenting, babytalk, babble.com, and CNN.com.

She lives in New York City.

Praise for When Did I Get Like This?:

"Amy Wilson's hilarious, tender memoir of all the ways her children drive her crazy - and she drives herself crazy - had me laughing out loud with recognition. She captures the small moments of motherhood in a way that is both funny and thought-provoking."
-- Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

"An honest, personal, and often hilarious collection of short, beautifully written chapters. As entertaining as it is reassuring."
-- Christie Mellor, author of The Three-Martini Playdate

"Amy Wilson is the kind of mom with whom I'd like to have a cocktail, preferably a stiff one at the end of a long day of playground runs. Wise, feeling and gut-bustingly funny, When Did I Get Like This? is What to Expect You're Expecting for moms you'd actually like as friends."
-- Amy Sohn, author of Prospect Park West

"Funny, smart and insightful, When Did I Get Like This? is ultimately about embracing the messy, complicated, and impossible-to-plan-for moments of motherhood and experiencing it for the adventure it really is. In this age when mothers are constantly bombarded with unrealistic expectations of perfection, Amy Wilson's voice rings real and true."
-- Sara Ellington, author of The Must-Have Mom Manual and The Mommy Chronicles

"Reading Amy Wilson's book is like meeting your favorite new mom friend: She's whip-smart, charming, enviably capable but as self-doubting as the rest of us, and very, very funny."
-- Pamela Paul, author of Parenting, Inc.

"Wilson's got a light comic touch, but also traffics unflinchingly in the gross and the sad."
-- Entertainment Weekly

"When Did I Get Like This? is a funny, heartwarming account by [a] frazzled young mother of three. This book will help [new mothers] remember that the worst day with children is better than the best day without them."
-- The Washington Post

Praise for Mother Load:

"Like Annie Hall wearing a nursing bra!"
-- New York Times

"Pithy, poignant, and fearless!"
-- Dallas Morning News

-- Fox 5 News

"The perfect night out!"
-- Charlotte Observer