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Amy Morin

Internationally Recognized Mental Strength Expert


  • 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do
  • How to Raise Mentally Strong Kids in Today's World
  • 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do
  • 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life So You Can Set Yourself Up for Success: Declutter Your Life and Free Yourself From Excess Baggage
  • Mental Muscle Building Workshops
  • The 10 Mental Strength Exercises That Will Help You Reach Your Greatest Potential
  • The Link Between Mental Strength and Financial Wellbeing: How to Improve Both So You Can Live Your Best Life


Florida, Maine

When Amy Morin, licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, posted a list entitled the “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,” online she didn’t expect to create an international sensation. Within five days of it being published, it was read by more than 50 million people. Since then, she's been traveling the globe teaching people about mental strength. A Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, and internationally bestselling author, Morin’s books 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do (William Morrow), 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do (William Morrow), and 13 Things Mentally Strong Women’ Don’t Do (William Morrow have been translated into more than 40 languages. Her first mental strength book for kids, 13 Things Strong Kids Do (William Morrow) was released in April of 2021.

With more than 16 million views, her TEDx talk, The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong, quickly rose to one of the top 25 talks of all time. She was named one of the top 100 leadership speakers of 2018 by Inc. Magazine, The Guardian dubbed her the “self-help guru of the moment” and Forbes refers to her as a “thought leadership star.” Morin delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes and workshops to schools, private companies, and large-scale conferences. Her broad speaking client list includes organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Under Armour, Google, Microsoft, NBC, and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Her experience and invaluable knowledge makes her a great speaker to a variety of audiences. Each audience member will walk away with a clear exercise plan that they can begin implementing immediately. The focus will be on developing mental strength through learning skills to regulate your thoughts, tools to manage emotions, and strategies to take positive action.

Morin has been sought out by the media for her expertise in psychology, parenting, and mental health. Her advice has been featured by numerous outlets around the globe including CNN, Fox News, Oprah.com, Good Morning America, Time, Hallmarks’ Home & Family, and CNBC. She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Verywell Mind and her articles on mental strength reach more than 2 million readers every month. She’s also a psychotherapist and a lecturer at Northeastern University.

Praise for Amy Morin:
"Amy completely blew it out of the water, she gave many tips and examples of mental strength that really resonated with the crowd. Many people came up to her after to thank her for sharing her story and for writing her books. We look forward to hosting Amy again in the near future.”
--Margaux Holcomb, MA Conference for Women

"Thank you for sharing your experiences regarding your journey and your insight into 'Building Mental Strength'. We all walked away from the breakfast session with fantastic tips that will enable us to work on our own mental resiliency. In fact, numerous colleagues came up to me during our J&J networking session to share that it was their favorite session of the day as your tips will enable us to take action immediately."
--Therese Kelley, Johnson & Johnson

"Amy Morin was the perfect speaker to present to our group of families who face many emotional challenges. Her specific practices of what not to do to achieve mental strength mixed with her personal life story created an informational and moving presentation. Mental strength is a topic that everyone can benefit from and Amy Morin delivered!"
--Lisa Waldbaum, President, Lowe Syndrome Association

"Amy was the keynote luncheon speaker at our annual legal symposium.  Attorneys tend to think we are mentally strong, but Amy showed us what mental strength really looks like.  I received many compliments for inviting her to speak to our group.  She was outstanding!"
--Dionne Hamilton, Association of Corporate Counsel Houston Chapter, Board Member and Symposium Chair

 "The Forbes community has launched and discovered a thought leadership star."
-- Cheryl Conner, Forbes

"Amy Morin was perfect for our group.  She took us to the depths of her despair, and then like her book, she took us up through the despair by way of  realistic steps, not on what to do, but on what not to do.  Amy offered our group another way to look at recovery.  She didn’t ask us to deny the challenges that face us, instead she provided steps we can use to build our mental strength to move beyond these daily challenges.  Amy has a generous spirit and a depth we all resonated with."
-- Mary Henry, Women's Addiction Services Council

"It was with great pleasure that Hooks Book Events recently produced a corporate client event with Amy Morin  discussing her new  book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. The advice is practical and actionable and Amy makes a smart differentiation between mental health and mental strength.  The personal experiences that helped shape this list make Amy a credible and relatable speaker and one you will admire.  We hope to work with her again this year."
-- Perry Pidgeon Hooks, Hooks Book Events

"I reached out to Amy Morin after reading her phenomenal book and experiencing the impact it had on my life. Her presentation to our community and audience was absolutely life-changing for so many people. To hear her stories, experiences and expertise, told in such a warm, open, personal manner, was truly outstanding. She's a professional, yet with a heart, and a polished speaker who loves her craft and work. I highly recommend Amy for any engagement and hope to have her back very soon."
-- Cory Miller, Founder, iThemes

"Nearly 1,200 C-Suite and VP-level business leaders signed up to hear Amy give a practical, illuminating talk and afterward field questions with poise and grace. Members rated the event an extraordinary 4 ½ out of 5 stars. As one member put it, 'This is invaluable ‘life’ insight; everyone should hear this advice over and over, for continual professional and personal growth.' I would happily welcome Amy back to the ExecuNet stage, any time."
-- Tony Vlahos, CMO, ExecuNet

"Your life story, presentation, and book provoked serious thought and conversation both during and after the event. Your insight on the topic of mental strength helped us better understand how we grow as leaders for our organization and ourselves."
--National Nuclear Security Administration

"Your sensitivity and commitment to knowing the group you're engaging with made all the difference for our participants. They felt you were speaking to them from a place of understanding their roles and a personal place of authenticity on the topic. As you know, a lot of effort goes into identifying the right speaker, and it's very rewarding as a planner when the speaker takes in what you've offered and connects with the group by incorporating what may be of particular importance to them. You left participants lifted up and with a sense of a new strategy they might try."
--Sheri Smith, Coordinator Maine Touchpoints Project

“How effective is Amy Morin? During her lunch speech for 'Engaging Women in Public Service,' 193 people stopped clinking their silverware and glasses--three times. Complete silence. Rapt attention. Powerful message.”
--Margaret Henderson, The University of North Carolina School of Government

“We invited Amy to speak as a keynote for our annual Women of Impact Conference at Cisco. While she spoke to a live audience in Research Triangle Park, she was also viewed online by 300 internal locations as well as over 2500 locations via our Social Media channels. The feedback to Amy’s presentation has been nothing but positive. Her approach of infusing her personal story with practical guidance and personal challenges for her audience was exactly what we needed to kick off our global event and to tie to our theme of 'Inspire'."  
--Victoria Vojnovich, Cisco 

“Amy presented to our Women’s Network group on a very fitting topic given today’s current events: How to stay Mentally Strong during Tough Times.  Amy navigated technology flawlessly, delivering the talk on a virtual platform to over 340 participants in a way that engaged and energized the group- she even provided a worksheet for listeners to follow along!  Amy is a polished speaker with the ability to leverage her real world experiences and professional know-how in a way that inspired, motivated and connected with our group.  We hope to work with Amy again in the future!”
--Rachel Williams, Boston Scientific

“Amy Morin spoke to the parents in our school district in March of 2021.  Her presentation was poignant, concise and chalked full of actionable, helpful information related to her book, "13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do."  During the Question and Answer portion, Amy demonstrated why she is a true expert and understands the nuances of parenting and has an encyclopedic knowledge of tangible steps people can take to help themselves and their children in nearly every situation.  Amy is smart, witty and communicates in a way that resonates with nearly everyone.  The feedback was fantastic and we look forward to inviting her back.”
--Aaron Ragon, Lead Counselor, Douglas County School District

Praise for 13 Things Strong Kids Do:

“This book is a powerful gift to kids—it shows them how to help themselves!”
--Claire Shipman, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Confidence Code for Girls

Praise for 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do:

“Sage advice on building mental strength. Exemplary guidance for women of all ages.”
-- Library Journal, starred review

“I’m so excited to see this book. I’m going to give it to every person I know, not just every woman I know.”
--James Altucher

Praise for Amy Morin's Workshops:

THIS WAS A WONDERFUL WAY TO END THE TWO DAYS! I would suggest we bring Amy back again to talk about her next book!

Amy was fantastic! I plan to buy her book. I have already watched some of her previous speeches. Her knowledge was clear. She spoke in an organized, clear and obviously knowledgeable manner. These are the types of speakers/topics I learn the best from.

YAY!!! This was SO good. Please let's have Amy back to talk to us more, especially about her work around parents. She is a phenomenal speaker and the content is easily applicable to both personal and professional.

Awesome. Amy is an amazing speaker with an amazing story. I especially loved her paper bag activity.

Amy was amazing, she kept everyone's attention and had great things to say, sharing her story really helped connect to her and showing that everyone goes through things and you need to take care of yourself.

LOVED this presentation. She was funny, engaging, and offered great information and ended our training days on a very high note.

Would love her to come again and talk about other areas of our work.

Excellent presenter!! More hands on to incorporate/practice these strategies.

Loved this one!!! She is an amazing speaker and really seemed to understand what we do as home visitors and had very specific tools and ideas that could be used with families, staff and ourselves. A refreshing look at self care! Everyone at my table loved it. Great end to the two days!

Funny and meaningful. Enjoyed this discussion.

Great answers and seemed to really understand the work of a home visitor

Excellent. Entertaining and encouraging/hopeful strategies.

I loved this presentation! Amy was an amazing presenter and her message was very helpful and useful for my personal life as well as my work life. This was my favorite part of the two days.

Amy brought humor to a serious topic in a way that kept the room energized and focused. She used our real lives to make a point rather than a generalized, "life is hard for everyone, move on" approach. At the risk of coming off smug, she approached the self-care topic in a new and engaging way. I'd love to hear more from her!

Wonderful. Amy was engaging, funny, appropriate and a delight!

Well done - entertaining and informative

Excellent conversation style; could be a professional comedian- great way to end the day


The best!! She should do stand-up comedy!