HarperCollins Speakers Bureau

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Speakers bureau work?

Speakers bureaus are designed to provide event planners with instant information on speakers and to help them select and secure the right speaker for their conference. The HarperCollins Speakers Bureau will help you find the most appropriate speaker for your audience, assist with details of travel arrangements, and provide you with the information needed to make sound decisions quickly and within your budget.

I’ve never booked a speaker before. Where do I begin?

Call the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau today. We will be happy to speak with you about your event and the specifics of what you hope to accomplish. Our years of experience and talented speakers with a wide variety of topics enable us to find you the perfect person for your event. We will work with you every step of the way — from ensuring your understanding of the speaker’s topics to fees and travel requirements, from negotiating logistics to communicating special requests — from our first contact, all the way through to the day of your event.

I would like to join the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau as a speaker, can HarperCollins Speakers Bureau represent me?

Please note, the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau only works with published HarperCollins authors. Thank you.

Why should I choose the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau as my speaker source?

The HarperCollins Speakers Bureau represents the best authors in the world and has direct access to thousands of more speakers to accommodate any request you may have. Our speakers are experts in every field and address a wide variety of topics. The HCSB also has the capability to inform meeting and event planners of authors that will have books published as much as a year in advance. This will enable meeting planners to secure the timeliest speakers for their event and learn about cutting edge speakers and authors.

What does it cost to do business with the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau?

Absolutely nothing! We will send you preview tapes, bios and other promotional materials in addition to securing travel for your event at no extra cost. Our fees are contained within the speakers honorarium.

What does exclusive representation of a speaker mean?

HCSB is honored to exclusively represent the greatest authors in the world and allows you to have direct access to these speakers. From discussing fees, to securing travel, to the day of the event you will be working with the direct source to ensure that your event is a huge success. You will be privy to instant answers and the most current information on our speakers.

How much do speakers cost?

HCSB represents speakers in a wide variety of price ranges. We will be happy to discuss your event and your budget with you and find a speaker that fits your requirements without exceeding your budget. Speaker honorariums usually do not include travel expenses.

Can I sell and/or purchase books written by the speaker for my event, and can HCSB help me secure books?

Absolutely! We would be happy to help you find a local bookseller or online retailer, and in many cases are able to help you obtain a substantial discount on your purchase.

Do I have to arrange travel for the speaker?

The HarperCollins Speakers Bureau will work with you to arrange all of the travel details. We will ask you to give us an event timeline which will help us put together the most efficient travel schedule possible.

May I record the speaker’s presentation?

If you are interested in recording the speaker’s presentation, a written request is required that will be passed along to the speaker for his or her approval. Generally, if recording is allowed, it is solely for internal, archival use.

Will the speaker sign books and give autographs, or be available for a VIP photo session?

This is dependent on the speaker and the timeline of the event. Please contact your HCSB representative to discuss your event and the possibility of the speaker participating in any additional activities.

Will I be able to communicate directly with the speaker prior to my event?

Most speakers will be happy to discuss your event with you so that they can direct their comments to the goals of the event. Please contact your HCSB representative to arrange a conference call between you and the speaker.